Athletic Performance & Recovery

At IV Lounge, we believe in providing evidence based products for both the beginner AND the experienced athlete. That is the power of ingredients that work.  Whether you swim, run, climb, lift weights, or play ball, we have you covered for both your  pre-workout and post-workout needs! 

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Full body hydration and total absorption of essential micronutrients and minerals.

Rapid delivery and total absorption of essential micronutrients and minerals.   

Long-term, sustainable, method for vitamin intake, ideal for in between IV Therapy and IM Shot treatments

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Athletic Performance & Recovery

Our comprehensive bundle of our most recommended products for Athletic Performance & Recovery can be found here! 

The importance of supplementation in athletic recovery.

  • Often times our daily meals alone do not provide our bodies with the protein, carb, or fat intake we need. 
  • Supplementing with easy-to-consume products, like Whey Protein not only helps you meet necessary health standards, but also helps you optimize your health if you consume more as your exercise regimen becomes more rigorous! 
  • The ingredients in many of out workout supplements encourage muscle growth and reparation! 

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