When the party is over. Young handsome man passed out on sofa in messy room after party

If you’ve been overserved, this may be the solution.

Many people have been there. They’re celebrating a big moment in their lives or enjoying a night on the town. Perhaps you decided to stay at home and have a few drinks with loved ones. One thing led to another and you’re waking up the next morning not feeling well. You feel foggy in the head and lacking energy. This confirms it. You were overserved or had a couple too many.

What you’re feeling is a hangover and there are other symptoms where those came from. Headaches, light sensitivity, and dizziness are other notable signs that you’re dealing with the aftereffects of alcohol. The main culprit of a hangover is ethanol. This acts as a diuretic and is the reason you find yourself going to the restroom repeatedly throughout the evening. The result is you being dehydrated and feeling weak after the buzz of the alcohol has worn off. The result is the hangover you’re feeling and trying to get over.

There are popular home remedies and tips that your friends may have told you about to help you get over it, but there is one solution that is certain to help you feel better faster and that is IV Therapy.

How Can IV Therapy Help?

The main objective of IV Therapy for a hangover is to help you rehydrate quickly. The fluids that are in an IV cocktail can help you do so in anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. This is because the fluids don’t have to go down the throat and be processed in the digestive system. It would be administered directly into the bloodstream and distributed throughout your body. This can help you recover from that brain fog and would allow your muscles to work properly. It can even help flush out toxins like any extra alcohol or second-hand smoke if you were in a smoky environment.

Another component would be intramuscular shots that would include vitamins like Vitamin C or the major B-vitamins that could help boost your immune system and provide extra energy for you to start feeling normal again and minimize any sickness you may still be feeling. You could also have injections of amino acids to combat the byproducts of alcohol and support your muscles. You may not be able to go work out the next day, but you would feel better and start exercising again sooner than you would have you not went through this treatment.

How Can You Start IV Therapy?

The IV Lounge has an Overserved Cocktail that does everything that was described above. It’s recommended that you have not had any alcohol for at least four hours before taking any treatments. It will help you get over that hangover and feeling like your normal self again. The fluids that are provided would rehydrate you faster than if you were to drink a gallon of water over the course of several hours. We also have a Mobile Concierge Service that involves our professionals to come to you should you find that necessary. For more information about our services like this, book an appointment with us today.