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Did you know that our skin is our largest and heaviest organ? If you read the title you must really be confused as to why I would be talking about how our skin works. For a lot of us it’s pretty self-explanatory but if I don’t talk about a little science then I’d be doing you an injustice. Of course how heavy and big it is depends on your height and body mass but its function always stays the same.

According to NCBI (link name with link on bottom), there are a lot of things that skin does but mostly it is used as a way to protect your body from the things the outside world decides to throw at you. One crazy thing about someone’s skin is that you can already tell so much about them. There are scratches and it can show around what their age is and their health condition.

There’s probably nothing that skin can’t do. It plays such a huge role in regulating our body temperature. One of the biggest things is feeling. It allows us to feel different sensations like warmth, cold,  an itch, pain, and so on. When we feel these things, there often is a reflex that comes along with it. Let’s pretend you’re in an ocean. All of a sudden a jellyfish stings you. Your initial reaction is to pull yourself back from the situation. You will feel a stinging sensation for a while and your skin will get irritated. This is one of the times that our skin becomes a huge signal for whatever our body may need or how we may be feeling.

The skin is also a big storage department for our body. The deepest layer of the skin can store water, fat, and so much more. These are different ways to make sure that our body needs to function the right way. Taking away the deepest layer, we are left with the outermost layer called the Epidermis. This is the part of the skin that you see everyday. What you may not know is that every once in a while, cells called Keratin are pushed up to the surface of the skin. They will then harden and die off, creating a whole new layer.

Now that you know how important our skin is, it’s time to explore different ways that you can keep it young and healthy. There are specific vitamins and minerals for our skin that help it stay strong.

At the IV Lounge, we offer many different types of IV Cocktails and IM shots to make sure your skin keeps doing its job. One of them is the Glutathione Shot, which is called the Mother of all Antioxidants. It is the secret to the production and repair of DNA. These two things are important for anti-aging properties. Our services can continue to help make your skin look young and healthy, no matter your age.

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