The components of this formula can improve your recovery.

You go out for an event, celebration, or just to unwind. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, it’s the next day and you feel very different. What exactly did you do? You may have had a couple too many drinks and are now dealing with the consequences.

Fortunately, you don’t have to simply stay in bed and suffer until the ailments pass. There are natural sources of relief that can minimize the toll that you’re feeling as well as help you feel like yourself again.


Because of a chemical in alcohol called ethanol, your body will kick out more liquids than you take in. This ultimately leads to dehydration which causes some of the symptoms you feel like headaches and Drinking lots of water is recommended, but you might not like the thought of that after drinking socially the night before. Fortunately, taking in one or up to two liters of fluids intravenously can do in minutes what a gallon of liquid would require several hours to accomplish. That immediate influx of liquid will help combat the effects of the ethanol in the alcohol you consumed.

Vitamin C

The damage done by excessive drinking, even slightly excessive, can be more than you think. The addition of alcohol into your body can cause chaos in the form of free radical damage. This is because of the liver metabolizing the alcohol. Between this and the effects of the dehydration we covered earlier, your immune system needs a lot of backup.

As you may have read before, Vitamin C can be that backup. Vitamin C can help your immune system combat that free radical damage as well as improve cell functions. Taking that all-important vitamin straight in without going through the digestion process makes the benefits of Vitamin C even more beneficial.


So Vitamin C is the backup for the immune system to combat that damage. What can back up the Vitamin C? The answer is glutathione. This molecule is very important in the detoxification process as well as scavenges toxins. It also recycles other antioxidants like Vitamin C. However, taking this in supplement form isn’t the best choice because of how it can be oxidized in the digestion process. Like its hangover combatting allies, direct injection is the best avenue for it to work at its full potential.

A Different Cocktail for You

After you take all of this into consideration, it should be no wonder why the IV Lounge offers the Hangover/Overserved Cocktail as one of our many services to help you maintain good health or feel your best when you need to.  This cocktail includes all three ingredients and along with a few other recommended shots, can be just what you need to feel like your old self again. If the Hangover/Overserved Cocktail is something that you feel can benefit you, contact us immediately so we can schedule your first appointment with us as soon as possible.