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IV Therapy has been around for some time now but it’s just getting the popularity it deserves. It is mainly used in a healthcare setting to deliver nutrients or medications to a patient. As it has become more popular, you will start to see that everyone is starting to take part in the wonders of IV therapy like celebrities and even just your peers. It’s a great way to be able to quickly feel more hydrated but some questions have been raised. What are the pros and cons to this new form of hydration? 

Vitamin IV therapy can be a great way to target infection, dehydration, and even malnutrition but one thing that everyone should keep in mind is that this isn’t a substitute for a healthy diet. It’s important to be able to keep up with your health outside of vitamin IV therapy because it’s not something that you can do everyday. It’s purpose is to ADD on any extra nutrients and benefits that your body may be lacking but if you’re missing out on a healthy lifestyle completely it won’t do much good. 

Another challenge that can come from this is the fact that it has to be administered by a qualified professional. It’s not something you can just go out to the store and buy. Because of this, not everyone is able to have access to it, maybe because of their schedule or where they live. There are some IV therapy treatment centers that offer Mobile Concierge Service where they can bring the nurse or physician to you but it’s not something that’s very well known at the moment.

We all know that with every bad there can be a good. Since those are some cons or challenges that can come from IV therapy, I figured it’d be good to bring to light some of the pros. We all know that one of the main advantages of IV therapy is the fact that it’s fast acting. If you were dehydrated you would usually drink some water but sometimes that takes hours to do what it has to do. With Vitamin IV Therapy, you will be hydrated within minutes and be able to walk out feeling like a new person.

When you take oral capsules, according to Bounce Hydration, whatever nutrients you are ingesting enter the digestive system before getting to the bloodstream. This means that by the time it reaches your blood, you won’t be getting the full dose of the vitamin. With IV Therapy, the vitamins and minerals will go straight to your bloodstream to make sure that your body is absorbing 100% of the nutrients that you need.

Whenever you’re sick and you need to take some kind of medicine, it’s hard to find something that will tend specifically to what you are feeling. With IV therapy, a lot of the fluids that’s chosen for you is going to be more precise on what your body actually needs. This way you’ll feel better instantly without putting any extra chemicals or medications in your body.

At the end of the day I wouldn’t say that there are any liquid IV side effects but more so challenges that can easily be counteracted. It’s important to be able to take care of your health whether you are using Iv therapy or not. We will say that it’s a great pick me up for those rougher days. It can provide a lot of pros so that you can feel your best all the time.

Come to the IV Lounge to see what different types of IV infusions and IM shots we have to offer and experience the pros for yourself.

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