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Peak Living And Peak Performance-


Peak Living And Peak Performance-

When you think of the word “peak,” most likely thoughts of “the maximum” comes to mind. It’s important that we identify peak performance and how each of us can reach that level. One of the Physicians at the IV Lounge, Dr. Ara Suppiah, believes that you cannot have sustained peak performance without first achieving peak living. Being able to pursue the concept of peak living will help develop an energetic body and an emotionally sound mind.

To be able to reach peak living you must first reduce chronic inflammation in the body. When you suffer from chronic inflammation, your system is damaged by the formation of free radicals. Inflammation increases the buildup of toxins, promotes hormonal imbalance, and will overwhelm your immune system. Alarmingly, it can even affect your sex hormones, producing a domino effect on your mood and clarity of thought. Reducing inflammation is crucial if you want to reach peak living for your overall well-being.

Much of the discomfort that your physical body feels can transfer to your cognitive mind and to your emotions. It’s important that all your systems work together efficiently. Any imbalance would result in less vitality. Brain chemistry is particularly vulnerable to chronic inflammation. Balanced levels of various neurotransmitters in the brain help keep us engaged and energetic. Brain chemistry also helps all our bodily systems work together smoothly and efficiently.

Chronic inflammation is something we want to avoid as we strive for peak living. Such inflammation has also been linked to many other diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Reducing inflammation can increase vitality and help you age more gracefully. This also influences your emotional stability. A good stable emotional base will afford a more positive outlook and help with anxiety, mood, and even depression.

With a stable, positive outlook you will be able to focus on your physical training and recovery. That whole process is like a stack of dominos. Controlling other parts of your body will help you train harder and help you to recover. This will prepare you to return to training. The repeated cycles of training and recovery are essential to develop physical and psychological resilience while working towards peak living.

When you can get positive outcomes from everyday things, this is known as “free medicine”. As you seek to reach peak living, recognizing free medicine can be a great asset. You need to learn how to adapt your current lifestyle to receive any positive benefits.

Sunlight is one of the most readily available sources of free medicine. Sunlight helps develop essential nutrients through simple exposure. Sunlight in the morning will provide the greatest benefits. It will help “jump-start” your energy, mood, sleep, digestion, and even your immune system. Simple movement has also been shown to have a significant impact in your quest for peak living. Staying active will help stabilize your hormones and your mood. Nutrition is the next important area to address while seeking peak living. Research has shown that time-restricted feeding with a low-calorie window is an effective way to help your mitochondria become healthier and live longer.

It’s also wise to balance of all parts of the nutritional food triangle using:
• Organic Produce
• Carbohydrates
(low glycemic carbs)
• Low-processed Foods
(excellent sources of Omega-6)
• Natural oils
(for brain health)
• Adequate Protein
• Appropriate Fats
• Hydration
(drink half of your weight (lbs.)
in fluid ounces of water)

Sleep is most likely our favorite part of the day. It should make us all feel better to know that it is one of the key components in overall well-being. It’s one of the best anti-inflammatory remedies that our body has. Studies have shown that you can get 3-5 sleep cycles, each lasting about 1-2 hours during the night. This is how the magic number of 8 hours of sleep per night was established.

However, this is a general recommendation. Because everyone is different, some people feel more comfortable with 6 hours, while others feel better with 9. Because we always feel a need to be “on” all the time, most people don’t know how much sleep they require.

Reaching peak performance all comes down to reaching peak living and having a healthy lifestyle, body, and mind. To do this, it’s important to stay well informed and take the right steps to continue building a better you.

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