4 Common Vitamin Deficiencies-

To be able to reach optimal health and wellbeing your body needs many nutrients. A lot of them are either made naturally in your body or can be acquired through the foods you eat. In rare cases you can become deficient in some nutrients and that can have a negative effect on your body in the long run.These are called vitamin deficiencies.

According to Medicine Net, most of the American population is deficient in nutrients and that’s mostly because of the diet that we consume. Since this is the case, it’s important that we know some of the more common deficiencies that can happen. The crazy thing is that we are all aware that we need to eat healthy and maintain a balanced diet to be able to get the most out of our health.

Some of you may not even understand fully what a nutrient deficiency is so let us clear some things up. A nutrient deficiency is when your body doesn’t get the needed amount of a specific nutrient. It’s important that when you start noticing something going on with your body, you let your doctor know. This will help them educate you on what the next steps could be. So what are the most common nutrient deficiencies?

The first one is calcium. You may have heard of it when people talk about how it builds strong bones. This is true! It is stored mostly in our bones so if you’re deficient your bones will become weak and more likely to break. Some signs of calcium deficiency are brittle nails, muscle cramps, numbness/tingling of the fingers, and more. Since some of these symptoms can be in accordance with other conditions, it’s important to check up with your doctor.

Iron comes in at number two. While it is common in men as well, doctors mostly see it in women. This is because women loose a lot of blood during their menstrual cycle. An iron deficiency will disguise itself as fatigue, headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, and even muscle weakness.

Next up is Vitamin D. This is normally known as the sunshine vitamin because of how much the sun emits it. What’s interesting is that our bodies naturally produce it but only when the sun rays hit it. A downside of Vitamin D deficiency is that if you’re deficient, you are usually unable to absorb calcium. In turn this will also make your bones weak and brittle.

This is one of the more popular ones and it’s Vitamin C. you usually take extra of it when you become sick with the flu or cold. That’s because it’s a great vitamin to help boost up your immune system. Not only that but it also is great for amino acid formation which helps in the absorption of iron.

As you can see becoming deficient in vitamins can be very easy. There are so many that you have to take that we wouldn’t even blame you That’s why it’s important to always be on the lookout for your health and speaking with your doctor so that you know exactly the steps that you have to take.

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