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Water Weight- 3 Causes

We all know how much of water our body is made out of. We’re always told to hydrate and make sure that we’re drinking tons of water but for some people, water weight can be a problem. Another word for water weight is Edema and it’s becoming better known among people. This can cause unwanted bloating and puffiness in the body. It’s a common occurrence but if it’s something that frequently causes you discomfort then you’re in the right place.

Before getting into the different ways that you can reduce water weight in your body, it’s important that you understand what EXACTLY is water weight. According to Health, this is when fluid collects in your tissues, which causes you to swell. This water is what usually goes to your kidneys but instead is getting stored between your organs. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve gained any weight. The good part is that there are things you can do to help prevent it or even just help it.

Not only is there a way to help the water retention, but also there are some causes you can look out for:

  • Diet- this one is pretty self-explanatory. 22% of our water intake comes from the foods we eat so it’s important to keep an eye on what you’re putting in your mouth. This does mostly depend on what types of food but try to manage the amount of carbohydrates and salt you’re eating. These are two big factors in the amount of water weight that you have.
  • Hormones- there is certain kinds of hormones that can affect the way that your body holds water. One of them is when a woman is going through their menstrual cycle. Not only that but when menopause happens, there is fluctuating estrogen and progestogen levels through various stages of life that can increase water weight retention.
  • Medication- it’s not a secret that some medication that you take can cause some side effects. Water weight being one of them.

Now you’ve noticed that you’ve gained some water weight. What can you do to fix it? One important thing is to watch what you’re eating. Reducing the amount of sodium you’re taking in will help. When you take in a lot of sodium this will cause immediate water retention. This is because the body needs to keep its sodium-water ratio balanced so that it can function properly. Adding more sodium to that will cause an imbalance.

As counteractive as this may sound, drinking more water can actually help the situation. This will make you pee more and get rid of all the water that’s built up in your body. Not only that but becoming dehydrated will have your body trying to hold onto whatever water it has, causing swelling and bloating.

The last best thing to do is to exercise! This is very important not only for decreasing water retention but for keeping your body nice and healthy. Exercising will help you sweat more, which will help the body get rid of all the built up water that you have.

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