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Will Wine Be Your Hearts Savior?


Will Wine Be Your Hearts Savior?-

Ending the workday with a glass of wine always sounds like a good idea. It has been consumed for thousands of years and just seems to be getting more popular as the years go by. Wine is used for personal, religious, and even social reasons. What a lot of people don’t know is the health benefits that could come with it when consumed correctly.

While going overboard can have negative effects on cardiovascular and overall well being, making yourself a standard drink can actually do you good. This brings up another question of what is considered a standard drink. This can be different for everyone because everyone’s body takes alcohol differently. Not only that but different countries have different standards for their drink. For example, according to AHA Journals, the United Kingdom measures their drinks based on the amount of ethanol in them. In the United States a lot of people measure it based on the ounces.

With that being said there is also a specific amount that is recommended for men and women. For men a normal amount of alcohol consumption would be 2 drinks per day or less. For women it would be 1 drink or less per day. This is just because the way that men and women metabolize alcohol is different.

Now lets get into the benefits. You can’t just sit down and drink any type of wine. Red wine is better than red wine just because it has more antioxidants called polyphenols. Taking that away, there have been some positive links between drinking wine moderately and cardiovascular health. What a lot of people don’t know is the main cause of why red wine is good for your heart health. It’s one specific ingredient found on the grape skin of the wine called resveratrol.

While this may seem interesting and red wine may seem tempting, eating the actual grape will allow you to get more doses of this supplement. No only that but there are many other sources that you can get heart healthy benefits from. One of them being Vitamin D.

Taking some extra doses of Vitamin d can help with many things. One of them is high blood pressure. When you take Vitamin D it can help lower your blood pressure, which also lowers the risk of heart attacks and stroke. The good thing is that you can get Vitamin D from many different sources like:

  • Salmon
  • Sardines
  • Egg Yolk
  • Shrimp
  • Orange Juice
  • Milk

That is why it’s important to speak to your doctor to see the best ways that you can get your dose of Vitamin D. At The IV Lounge we offer a Vitamin D shot. Not only does it help improve your heart health but it is great for digestion, diabetes, aging, pain, bones, and even inflammation. The list goes on so make sure that you give us a call so that we can schedule your appointment today.


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