Immune Support Cocktail


Immune Support Cocktail

100% absorption guaranteed


Immune support

Illness recovery


Protect against infections

Unlike their counterparts in the US, most physicians in Europe and Asia consider Vitamin C an important anti-viral agent. It has a dual role of being a pro-oxidant and an antioxidant, depending on the dose and route of administration. A large body of evidence exists strongly demonstrating effectiveness of Vitamin C as an anti-viral immune response mediator among those who are physically active. Vitamin C is most beneficial among people with sufficient Vitamin C levels and, because of it, cold duration is frequently shorter and less severe.

Zinc is an essential mineral that plays several structural roles in the body. It is also known to interfere with viral ability to replicate, and has shown to reduce symptom duration of common colds by three days.

Dehydration induced by common cold or flu can produce a variety of symptoms such as fatigue, headache, nausea, lightheadedness, unclear thinking, and rapid heart rate. One liter of fluid administered intravenously will rehydrate you in minutes, something that drinking gallons of water can only accomplish after 5-8 hours.


No preservatives or additives

Medically supervised facility

Comfortable environment

Long lasting results

Safe for any age

100% absorption

Most IVs take just 30-45 minutes

High doses the body can’t absorb orally

No side effects or post procedure down time



If you are interested in a helpful energy boost from a curated cocktail of vitamins and minerals, then t IV infusion is for you. Its protective properties support your immune functions and ensure optimal levels of necessary nutrients in your body.


The IV Lounge signature blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients may help protect from a wide range of illnesses, including cancer.

100% absorption and hydration in minutes

This treatment also supports energy production, leading to higher overall energy levels. Additionally, it promotes healthy metabolism and more efficient energy absorption. IV infusion may also improve mental health.

Immune Support Cocktail
Immune Support Cocktail
Hannah Goldy - Profesional MMA Fighter

I'm super grateful for the iv lounge for everything that they do for me. I prefer the IV Lounge because their staff is so welcoming it's honestly like a family every time i come in here

Immune Support Cocktail
Juan Rivera - Event Manager

I chose the iv lounge because they have a number of physicians that are dedicated to actually following me along in my journey of trying to get better the iv lounge is unique in that they actually have a medical staff dedicated to crafting the best bags

Immune Support Cocktail
Corey Harrison Moore- Police Officer

so iv therapy has helped me maintain my lifestyle mostly through the form of recovery my body gets beat up all the time and a lot of miles get put on it both metaphorically and literally so staying hydrated and helping with recovery is probably one of the best things i can do

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