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Many of the people that have IV Therapy sessions rave about how much it helps them improve and feel better. A lot of people even have them as a part of an overall wellness plan to support their health and lifestyles. When they tell their friends or anyone interested about what they’re doing, they’re sure to get questions about it. One of the most popular questions is if IV Therapy is safe. That’s a valid question because it’s a topic that they’re not familiar with.

The Short Answer is “Yes”

If answering the question was with a simple “yes”, then that wouldn’t be very beneficial because there are several aspects of IV Therapy you should know about. Hopefully this short list of topics about the service will help you feel more comfortable about trying it for yourself.

Time Commitment

The initial visit where we get to know you and you fill out our paperwork would take roughly an hour. As for regular sessions, those are dependent on which service we’d be providing for you. Normal visits after that would take no longer than 45 minutes. The answer for each type of appointment would be given by the professional helping you when you’re here or if we travel to where you are.

Before and After the Infusion

The only restriction that would be required before the start of your infusion is that you not consume any alcohol for at least four hours before the time you would arrive. Other than that, there’s no real preparation necessary on your part before arriving.

As for when you leave, you’ll likely feel immediate benefits like a state of calmness and mental clarity, a boost in energy, and overall wellbeing improvement. You might have an aftertaste of vitamins for around 10 minutes, but that should subside shortly.


There is a misconception that when you have an infusion done, there is a bruising effect as a result because of the needle penetrating your skin and staying there for an extended time. There are some patients that bruise easily and this may happen to someone that has that issue. For the vast majority of people that regularly use IV Therapy, there’s no bruising and our professional would take every precaution to minimize the possibilities of a bruise showing. The only ask of you is that you not bend your arm after the infusion is put in place.

About the Infusion

IV Therapy should always be performed by nurses or physicians. That would be the case at the IV Lounge. The nurses here have years of experience in helping people with these infusions. Treatments would vary but initially you may have infusions once a week for four weeks. After that, you would be receiving them no more than twice a month. This is due to the high concentration of the doses being provided. The frequency is based on the individual and the infusions being provided.


If you were to have any other questions or concerns about IV Therapy that wasn’t covered here, you could always contact us directly for more information. While you’re at it, you could also set up that first appointment so you can see what all the buzz is about and feel the benefits for yourself.