IV Lounge Ultimate Panel

Test Include: Vitamin D Total, CEA, CBC, CMP, Cortisol, DHEA-S, Estradiol, FTT, FSH, Acute Hepatitis Panel, IGF-1, Insulin, Iron Panel, Lipid Panel, Procalcitonin, Progesterone Free & Total PSA, Rheumatoid Factor, Thyroid Profile, Vitamin D 1,25 Calcitriol

The IV Lounge Ultimate Panel includes tests from the wellness panel like Vitamin D, CBC, CMP, and Insulin testing as well as the Thyroid panel; This panel also includes essential hormonal testing like levels of DHEA-S (which serves as a building block to testosterone) and Progesterone (which offsets the effect of estrogen in men and women, preventing chronic illness associated with high estrogen).

By testing for these things in combination with iron, hepatitis, lipid, cortisol, and rheumatoid factor level testing, we are confident that this panel will “single-out” the most common health concerns among Americans…. this is what makes it the IV Lounge Ultimate Panel.

Fasting Requirement:

Price $1,195

We've partnered with one of the top labs in the country.

A premier, CAP certified, independent laboratory established specifically to ensure excellent patient & client care; offering a complete compendium of clinical laboratory testing capabilities, including Microbiology, PCR Molecular Biology & Surgical Pathology.

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