Muscle Shot


Muscle Shot

muscular recovery

natural performance enhancer

healthy bloodflow

energy support

Arginine serves is a precursor to nitric oxide, promotes vasodilation and thus increases endurance and muscle conditioning by increasing blood flow to the muscle during workouts, reduces muscle damage, promotes healing and peak performance. Carnitine is an amino acid and powerful antioxidant that crosses blood-brain barrier and supports healthy blood flow to the brain. Ornitine helps remove toxins in the body. Lysine helps rebuild muscle mass aiding in the recovery process after a workout. Lastly, Citrulline opens up vessels to facilitate blood flow to muscle.



No downtime. 

Total 100% micronutrient absorption

Improved immunity, recovery, digestion, energy, and metabolic health.

Natural & effective ingredients.

Comfortable facility and clinically trained staff.

A method of preventive and proactive health care.



Powerful Aging.
Health Optimization.
Enhanced fitness.
Lifelong Wellness.

These are the concepts that drive our mission to create a healthier, more self-empowered, world!


Our team of licensed, medical, and wellness specialists undergo quality care training. With warm personalities and informed perspectives, our staff ensures an extraordinary wellness experience for all clients.


IV vitamin therapy is especially recommended for individuals looking to: treat vitamin deficiencies, lose weight, prevent sickness by strengthening the immune system, recover from illness or symptoms, improve athletic performance and recovery, and optimize cell health.

Muscle Shot
Muscle Shot
Hannah Goldy - Profesional MMA Fighter

I'm super grateful for the iv lounge for everything that they do for me. I prefer the IV Lounge because their staff is so welcoming it's honestly like a family every time i come in here

Muscle Shot
Juan Rivera - Event Manager

I chose the iv lounge because they have a number of physicians that are dedicated to actually following me along in my journey of trying to get better the iv lounge is unique in that they actually have a medical staff dedicated to crafting the best bags

Muscle Shot
Corey Harrison Moore- Police Officer

so iv therapy has helped me maintain my lifestyle mostly through the form of recovery my body gets beat up all the time and a lot of miles get put on it both metaphorically and literally so staying hydrated and helping with recovery is probably one of the best things i can do

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