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Muscle Shot

An optimal addition to any workout routine! These ingredients serve as a precursor to nitric oxide, promote vasodilation and increase muscle conditioning by increasing blood flow. This allows for peak recovery and performance. 

Price $35

Arginine serves is a precursor to nitric oxide, promotes vasodilation and thus increases endurance and muscle conditioning by increasing blood flow to the muscle during workouts, reduces muscle damage, promotes healing and peak performance. Carnitine is an amino acid and powerful antioxidant that crosses blood-brain barrier and supports healthy blood flow to the brain. Ornitine helps remove toxins in the body. Lysine helps rebuild muscle mass aiding in the recovery process after a workout. Lastly, Citrulline opens up vessels to facilitate blood flow to muscle.

Direct Preventive Care

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Have you ever left your doctor’s office with a prescription wondering if there’s a more effective way to address your health issues? It’s a frustrating experience that many of us can relate to. At The IV Lounge, we are dedicated to uncovering the root cause of your health challenges, rather than just alleviating the symptoms. 

  • Same-day Telehealth visit 6 days a week 
  • Unlimited Messaging with your Medical Provider & Care Team
  • Exclusive Discounts on Lab Tests
  • Medical Insurance is not required for Medical Visits and Prescription Medications
  • FDA-Approved discounts on aesthetic services including Botox, Fillers, HydraFacials, & more!

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Our Medical Advisory Team supports you on your journey to optimizing your health and wellness. The health care that The IV Lounge offers is distinguished from other wellness centers because we are there by your side every step of the way to help deliver you health and wellness.

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