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My First IV Therapy Experience: Episode 1

My First IV Therapy Experience: Episode 1

Originally Written by Sonni Abotta

I was a late adopter of coffee. I know, weird, right? For years I went just for unsweetened green tea, and not even because I needed a caffeine boost, but because I enjoyed it. Then I had kids and I was like, okay, all the coffee right now please and thank you! Well, now I am happy to report there is one thing that might be the next best thing for tired moms, and that is IV Therapy.

Because I am pretty much a walking lab rat and will try just about anything that claims to help with my pernicious and enduring exhaustion, I tried IV therapy. And I loved it.

But let’s back up first and talk basics, shall we?


IV therapy is an intravenous infusion of vitamins to your system that’s aimed at improving your health and giving you a boost of energy.

Think of it as a shot to your system (No, not that kind of shot–hello, Patrón, and yes, I still love you) that can be tailored to meet your immediate health and wellness needs.

How Does It Work?


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