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At IV Lounge, we believe in providing accessible and effective methods of preventative health care. Our medical grade products include evidence based ingredients, like NAD, which decreases in the body as we begin to age. By supplementing with these products as we age, cellular metabolism and energy is maintained. Powerful Aging products include IM Vitamin Shots, IV Therapy, and Oral Supplements.

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Full body hydration and total absorption of essential micronutrients and minerals.

Rapid delivery and total absorption of essential micronutrients and minerals.   

Long-term, sustainable, method for vitamin intake, ideal for in between IV Therapy and IM Shot treatments

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Our comprehensive bundle of products specially formulated for powerful aging can be found here.  With the help of evidence-based ingredients like NAD, COQ10, and healthy hormone promoting micronutrients, longevity is yours!

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Powerful Aging Properties

  • NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) levels naturally decline with age.

  • NAD+ depletion is associated with many hallmarks of aging and is identified as a factor in a wide-range of unfavorable age-related symptoms.

  • NAD+ is essential in fundamental biological processes including metabolism, cell signaling, gene expression, DNA repair, and more.

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