Here at the IV Lounge, we now offer our patients monthly memberships. There are two different types of memberships and this is what they include:

IV/Shot Monthly Membership- $149
– 1 IV
– 1 Shot

Our IV and shot package is the most popular package that we offer at the IV lounge. It comes with one IV Drip and IM shot of your choice, which is $149 a month. If you choose to get any additional treatments, IV drips are $149 and IM shots are just $25. If you decide that you don’t want to use one of the shots or IVs that month, the unused product will roll over to the next month.

IM Shot Monthly Membership- $99
– 4 IM shots

Our IM shot package is a great membership for someone who doesn’t want to fully jump in to the IV world yet. This package allows you to keep up with your shots and get them weekly if you would like. With this membership you are allowed to get any IM shot of your choice, even the Brain Booster is included! If you would like any additional IM shots that month, each additional one is $25. Any unused IM shots roll over to the next month.