The 90 Day Weight Loss Wellness Reboot Program – What you need to know!


We are proud to announce our latest wellness service! The launch of the 90 day weight loss wellness reboot program means that our clients can now receive custom programming and achieve their ultimate health, physique, and lifestyle goals.

We’ve teamed up with medical advisors across several relevant fields in order to become the vessel in helping you achieve your  goals through intravenous hydration, supplementation, nutrition, habit building, and accountability.

The honest information you provide about yourself through a health goal questionnaire, in combination with lab results and an InBody Composition Assessment, will help our team of experts create your personalized wellness reboot program!


Your wellness reboot journey will begin by scheduling your first consultation online, filling out our questionnaire, and meeting with one of our staff members. During your consultation, we will discuss your health and weight loss goals and also grab preliminary information about you.

We will ensure this program is the fit for you and ensure that we have the proper resources for your success within the program. This consultation is completely free of charge, and an initial payment is only necessary when you are ready to take your first step.

InBody Technology

InBody Technology is available at select IV Lounge Locations. The InBody machine measures your body’s impedance by passing a harmless electrical current through your body. The readings are then analyzed using InBody’s proprietary algorithm to give you highly accurate measurements of your body composition.

Using the InBody machine to measure your body composition will allow you to set realistic fitness goals and make informed decisions about diet and exercise.

Rather than a scale that just determines your weight, the InBody measures body composition and provides an accurate estimation of your body mass index (BMI), percentage of visceral fat, and percentage of lean muscle mass.

This information will be highly informative to your personal needs, and there is even an InBody app to connect your phone to! Within the app, you will be recommended specific fitness routines and a calorie counter.

Blood & Hormone Testing

We then will test your blood to assess your complete blood cell count, complete metabolic function, insulin production levels, C-reactive proteins (CRP), Vitamin D levels, and if you have any common food allergies! These tests will help inform of us of any abnormalities that may be hindering your current quality of life.

Dependent on whether you are male or female, we will test the necessary hormones to ensure you are healthy or connect you with a hormone specialist.

Vitamin Therapy

After we receive your results, one of our medical advisors will review and discuss them with you. They will also build you a customized vitamin therapy regimen. You will begin your vitamin therapy regimen at your own pace (but with our recommendations)!

You may decide when to use your credit to:

  • Two IV cocktails per month
  • 4 Vitamin shots per month
  • A customized supplement stack

Meal Planning

We’ve paired with one of the best teams of nutritionists in Central Florida. During your vitamin therapy journey, you will meet with a LunaFit nutritionist and fitness expert to discuss your dietary needs and goals. Your nutritionist will help you build a meal plan customized to your needs. They even have meal plans for vegetarians!

Regimen Tracking

Track your fitness and nutrition progress within your IV Lounge logbook and journal. Here you can track all daily exercise and movements, micronutrient and supplement intake, meals, calories, and mental health status. In combination with this, at your request, we can also take measurements of your waist, legs, and hips throughout your journey as well as photos to track your body transformation.

At the end of your journey, we complete the blood and InBody tests once more and compare your numbers!

So, what are you waiting for?

Inquire about joining our Wellness Reboot Program today and reach your goals for 2023 with the help of our professionals.

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