There’s More To Covid-19 than You Think

Did you know that there’s a second part to the coronavirus?

With all of the news that has been circulating about the COVID-19 pandemic over the last few months, you may think that you’ve learned all there is to know about this virus that has affected the world. But to quote the late Paul Harvey, did you know “the rest of the story”?

That story is the second issue that is associated it – the depletion of the Vitamin C levels in your blood. This is also known as acute scurvy. If you think that scurvy was only around in the 1800’s, think again. This disease is still around today and affects many people, including those that have been affected directly by the coronavirus.

There Is Good News

Before you begin to worry, you should know that there is a way to resolve this and it’s actually a pretty simple solution. Take Vitamin C. Yep, simple and basic ascorbic acid. While it’s simple to read, understanding why is important too.

Vitamin C is the ultimate ally for your immune system. The body’s top antioxidant is Vitamin C. The issue is that it’s stored in the adrenal glands and they use it. That is why taking Vitamin C for general wellness is important, and taking it while you’re sick is paramount for recovery.

You may have read or learned that Vitamin C protects against free radical damage, but do you know about those free radicals? Free radicals are always being produced in the body but the levels are elevated when inflammation occurs. Infections results in inflammation. Imagine the impact of the inflammation that results from COVID-19. Vitamin C connects with white blood cells and projects hydrogen peroxide at the microbes that are causing the damage that results in you feeling sick.

Vitamin C is also involved in the production of collagen fibers. Those fibers can be found throughout the body, including in your skin, blood vessels, bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and other areas. In short, Vitamin C has a lot of responsibilities once it’s in your body.

COVID-19 and Vitamin C

Among the symptoms of COVID-19, the one that has resulted in death the most is the fluid getting into the lungs and limiting the patient’s ability to take in oxygen. The second most prolific symptom is blood clots getting into the smaller blood vessels. This wasn’t believed to be associated with the virus at first but doctors have since concluded that it is according to Frontiers In Medicine. While some patients do recover from what they feel is a slight illness within a couple of days, and others may not feel symptoms at all, others suffer symptoms like those previously mentioned quickly which is what makes it so dangerous.

With all of the responsibilities that Vitamin C already has, the amount a patient has in the body may run out while the virus is running its course. So the demand becomes greater than the supply. That’s why taking in more is so important. Other antioxidants can function with other vitamins and minerals but not as well. When it comes to collagen fiber production, Vitamin C is a must. If those fibers are absent, then both the alveolar membrane and vascular tissue.

Alveolar membrane is important for the lungs and the transfer of carbon dioxide and oxygen between the lungs and body fluids. This membrane needs to be thin but it is also what keeps the fluids away from the lungs. So the collagen fibers are necessary for that membrane to stay strong.

As for the vascular tissue, it keeps the blood within the vessels. The collagen fibers in this tissue needs to be replaced frequently. If that doesn’t happen, the vessels become porous, resulting in bleeding and that is when clots can occur.


The role of Vitamin C in combating the coronavirus is a major one. Taking in sufficient amounts and making sure it’s absorbed are crucial for recovery. You can eat foods and take supplements but even with those combined, you still won’t absorb all of the Vitamin C that comes from those sources.

One way to take in a sufficient amount and be sure that the body is using all of it is through an IV Cocktail. If you want to learn more about this service and how it can help you, contact us for more information and to set up a consultation today.

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