The Weight Loss Wellness Reboot Program

A scientifically informed 90-day personalized nutrition, fitness, and vitamin therapy regimen to help you meet your weight loss goals. Our medical advisory team will support you every step of the way.

Our Patients Enjoy Benefits Like:

  • One on one consultations with wellness experts

  • Mobile IV Therapy services at home, at work, at conferences, or during parties

  • Customized vitamin therapy regimens

  • Affordable blood testing

  • Scientifically informed, judgement free, weight loss programming

  • Hormone testing and therapies

  • Reproductive and sexual wellness services

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Before Your Journey


Start off by scheduling your first consultation online and filling out our questionnaire before meeting with one of our wellness experts!

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During your consultation, we will discuss your health and weight loss goals.

In order to assess your baseline health, after your consultation you will receive:
  • The Reboot Blood Panel
  • InBody Assessment
A wellness expert will review your results with you, and develop a personalized vitamin therapy plan based on your results.

A medical advisor will review your results with you, and develop a personalized vitamin therapy plan based on your results.

Blood & Body Composition Assessments
Weight Loss & Health Goal Achievement
Progress Tracking
& Accountability
Vitamin Therapy​

Begin your vitamin therapy regimen at your own pace! 

You decide when to use your credit to: 

  • Two IV cocktails per month 
  • 4 Vitamin shots per month
  • A customized supplement stack 

Meet with a LunaFit nutritionist and fitness expert to discuss your dietary needs and goals. 

Your nutritionist will help you build a meal plan customized to your needs.

During Your Journey


Track your fitness and nutrition progress within your LunaFit and IV Lounge log book. 

IV Lounge staff will be here to support you every step of the way. At your request, we can photograph your progress and template your before and afters!

After Your Journey

We will review your start to finish progress by reviewing your baseline blood and BMI results, your photos, and your tracking booklet. 

You will receive your last round of blood and InBody BMI Testing

Get a document of all of your tracked progress, and a follow up with an IV Lounge wellness expert! 

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Treatment Options

While a consultation is recommended for personalized results, take a look at the vitamin therapy options we have to offer!


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The IV Lounge Medical Advisory Team Separates us from other wellness centers. Our doctors are not only experts in their fields of practice but are advocates for personalized healthcare.

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