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What Are IM Shots?

What’s the difference between IM and IV?

Even though we’re known as the “IV Lounge”, you may have noticed on our site or in our offices that we also offer what is known as “IM Shots”. There are also new people who are considering services like ours that would like a basic education about them. So for those of you that are interested but uninformed, we’re offering an introduction about these shots and how they can help you.

What Are They?

The IM stands for intramuscular. Intramuscular shots are injections of substances that are injected directly into the muscle. It is one of a variety of alternative methods to deliver substances into the body without the involvement of the digestive system.

Difference Between IM and IV

IV, or intravenous, injections are administered into the bloodstream either by a syringe or by a low pressure method known as a drip. The intramuscular shots are administered into the muscle, not the vein. Your muscles have a greater number of blood vessels that are also larger than the subcutaneous tissue.

Why Would it Help Me?

Many of the substances that would be injected could also be taken orally. However, when you do it has to go through the digestive system. During that process, those substances are metabolized and diminished. The result is a lower amount available for the rest of your body to do what it needs to do with what was provided.

IM shots, like IV Therapy, is a bypass method of administering these substances. Consider it like an express lane. It will be delivered faster because it doesn’t have to go through the digestive process. It’s also a higher bioavailability rate. 100 percent of what you’re given will be used by the body to do what it’s being asked to do.

Where Would I be Injected?

The most popular injection sites are the glutes but there are other areas like the deltoids and quadriceps areas. Anywhere that has signs of bruising, discoloration, tenderness, or inflammation are not good places to apply an IM shot.

What Could Be Injected?

The various substances that are delivered through an IM shot include some medications, vaccines, minerals, and vitamins. The IM shots that we have available are listed on our website.

How Can They Help Me?

The benefits that IM shot offers generally depend on the type of shot that you’re taking. One benefit that they all have in common is that they’re fast in both delivery and reaping the rewards. It doesn’t take long to administer them, and it doesn’t take long for them to reach the desired area and start working.


Hopefully this gives you some more knowledge about IM shots and what they do for our patients. You might now be asking yourself if this is something you should be doing. The only way to find out is to reach out and set up a consultation with our professionals here at the IV Lounge. Contact us today for more information.


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