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What Causes a Hangover?


What causes a hangover? Some of us may know the effects of a hangover more than others. It’s an unpleasant consequence of overindulging in one too many alcoholic drinks. You may experience the symptoms a couple hours after you stopped drinking. This means the blood alcohol content is near zero. When we go out and have too much fun, we often forget that our body considers alcohol as a toxin. So let’s find out what causes a hangover.

Everyone experiences hangovers differently. Because of that, what may happen to one person’s body may not be the case for someone else. Doctor’s state that while there may be many reasons that can contribute to the unpleasant symptoms, It all goes down to how your liver breaks down the alcohol in your body.

When you drink alcohol, your liver processes it in two steps. The first one is when the ADH in your liver cells converts alcohol to a toxic substance. This substance is called acetaldehyde. It is then converted to a non-toxic substance called acetate. When you have had a lot to drink, your liver doesn’t go through this process as quickly. That is when the hangover effects kick in.

Other than your liver being affected, there’s research that states drinking too much alcohol can trigger your immune system to release a chemical called cytokines. An increased level of this has been found to affect memory and concentration. All of this together will cause symptoms like tiredness, nausea, headaches, and even chills.

We all know that the more alcohol we drink, the more our body feels the effects of a hangover. Some experts believe that the effects that we feel after a night out is our body going through alcohol withdrawal. This is why your nervous system needs to re adjust as your body goes back to normal. Healthline brings up that there may be some things that you can do before going to bed that can help you decrease the risk of a hangover:

  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach is something that a lot of people overlook. It’s good to make sure that you are enjoying a meal or even some snack while drinking. This way the food will absorb the alcohol quicker.
  • Avoid drinking so quickly. While it may be exciting to get caught up in the temptation of the drinks. Make sure that you know how to pace yourself. This way the drinks won’t hit you all at once.

While it may not be much, doing these two things can help decrease the effects that a hangover can bring. On top of that,  The IV Lounge offers hangover IV Therapy for those that need it. Our After Party Cocktail helps target the ethanol in your body and makes you feel more hydrated all at once!

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