When you first hear the word Botox, what exactly comes to mind? For some it may be a bad thing, but for others it can be good. Either way, it’s bound to get a feeling or reaction out of you. Many doctors and physicians have found uses for Botox that can be great and even benefit others in a positive way. 


Botox injections are mostly used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles a lot for patients but it can also be used to treat other conditions like neck spasms, excessive sweating, and even a lazy eye. To be more scientific, this drug is also known as a neuromodulator that is released into the underlying muscle of the skin, which relaxes the appearance of the kin it covers. One thing to keep in mind is that this only lasts for about 3 months so you’d have to get a refill as time goes by.


One of the other benefits of Botox that isn’t cosmetic is the fact that it helps relieve migraines. Some of us know how chronic migraines can take control of your daily life. Migraines are still something that is being researched and studied but Botox has been proved to be a preventative method. It is actually named the 31 prescribed chronic migraine treatment so that says something. This whole process is painless. You would usually start with two treatments with two weeks in between each one. It has been said that some patients have felt a difference even after four weeks.


Now what you all have probably been waiting for and that’s the connection it has to cosmetics. It is said that Botox can take years off your appearance; giving you the youthful look you’ve always wanted. A big place that a lot of people use Botox on is to target smile lines, frown lines, and even forehead lines. It’s crazy to think that smiling is encouraged but years of all these happy moments can cause wear and tear on your skin. That’s why people go to Botox a lot, this is a great way to minimize the effects that smiling hard can give you.


Botox has helped so many people to feel better about them because it can eliminate the pesky wrinkles after just one appointment. It’s called the non-surgical facelift because of the fact that you can really just walk out and be ready to go. If you were to go under the knife, there would have to be a period of time where you would be recovering.


While thinking of a needle going into your skin can be scary, Botox really does have great benefits that a lot of people miss out on. We offer different cosmetic procedures, one of them being Botox that can help with you feeling like your best self with no down time.


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