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When is IV Therapy Used? 4 Reasons

Iv therapy

When Is IV Therapy Used?

There are times that it’s either a better option or necessary.

As the practice of intravenous therapy (IV Therapy) is growing and more people are benefitting from all the ways it can help you improve your health and wellness, there are questions being asked that should be discussed. One of those questions is when is IV Therapy used? Does it only have to be for medical emergencies or can be a regular form of treatment and care? Let’s take a look at the times that IV Therapy would be a good idea for you.

Prescribed by Doctor for Medical Issues

This is the most obvious answer, but we should go over it anyway. If a doctor needs to prescribe you a medication that would be best applied through an IV, then of course, IV Therapy is going to be the way to go. According to IV Watch these infusions can take place at home, hospital, or an outpatient setting. There are several physicians who prefer this method because of how the medication bypasses the digestive system and goes straight into the bloodstream to be distributed throughout the body. Any time you’re considering a medical treatment, your physician should be consulted.


This reason is twofold. There are athletes who believe in IV Therapy because it helps them recover from training or competitions faster than with standard nutrition and supplementation plans. After an intense activity like a game or race or other athletic performance, your body is going to be dehydrated and deprived of vitamins and minerals. Regular IV Therapy can help elevate those levels in a timely manner. This means recovery is faster and you’ll be better prepared for the next time you play, compete, or perform.

The other is recovery from a short-term situation like a short illness, jet lag, or recovering from a night of social activity that involved drinking. The fluids that come from these treatments as well as the nutrients provided in the individual cocktails can help enhance your immune system and provide it extra support as you return to good health. In the event of a hangover, you’ll need fluids for your body as well as your brain as soon as possible. Instead of drinking bottle after bottle of water, you could have a treatment like our After Party Cocktail and feel better sooner than you would otherwise.

Overall Wellness

There are also patients who prefer to follow an overall wellness plan that could involve IV Therapy treatment. This could involve patients who are looking to lose weight, improve from chronic conditions, or maintain their current wellness status. There are cocktails and treatments that would be available to them which they find both convenient and extremely useful. There are even beauty treatments for hair, skin, and nails.


In short, the times IV Therapy are used are at times it’s either necessary or beneficial. It’s based on the individual’s needs and wants. What about your needs and wants? The only way you can answer this question for yourself is to set up an appointment with us to learn more and consider IV Therapy for yourself. Reach out to us today.

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