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food sensitivity testing in Orlando

Every person’s body reacts to foods differently. Most physicians talk about diet. They will tell you to reduce the amount of red meat and carbohydrates you consume and try one of the popular diets, such as the Mediterranean, Paleo, Atkins, and so on. They do not realize that eating a “balanced diet” can be the cause chronic illness, debilitating symptoms and weight gain. Over 90 percent of the US population has at least minor toxicity to commonly eaten foods that contribute to inflammation in the body. Inflammation, in turn, causes a sense of lethargy, fatigue, and weight gain. Identifying harmful substances is the first step toward improving your health.

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Many common symptoms, conditions, and diseases have been linked to inflammation caused by the immune system’s response to certain foods and additives. Our advanced food sensitivity testing allows us to identify your hidden sensitivities and allergies that may be causing this immune reaction and contributing to fatigue, chronic pain, and immune system imbalances. By identifying your unique triggers, we can help you develop and implement a strategic dietary and supplement protocol based on your current health needs and lifestyle.

Benefits of Food Sensitivity Testing in Orlando

Making dietary and lifestyle adjustments based on food sensitivity testing can result in many positive changes in your overall health and wellbeing. Some of these benefits include:

Reduced Inflammation

Enhanced Nutrient

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Increased Energy

Improved Sleep

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Enhanced Cognitive Function

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Improved Performance

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Reduced Stress

Benefits of Food Sensitivity MRT Testing

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