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Master Cocktail IV by the IV Lounge

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Master Cocktail

Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B12, Glutathione, Calcium, Magnesium, & Potassium Bicarbonate.

Master Cocktail IV by the IV Lounge

Experience our exclusive Master Cocktail infusion, meticulously crafted with a unique blend of essential vitamins and minerals. This proprietary concoction is the epitome of wellness, suitable for all lifestyles and highly acclaimed by our clientele. The Master Cocktail is designed to fortify your immune system, address common vitamin deficiencies, and enhance the absorption of vital micronutrients. Unlock the potential of optimal health with the Master Cocktail at IV Lounge.

Improved immunity*
Speedy recovery*
Enhanced Energy*
Metabolic health*

IV Therapy: Experience the Benefits Instantly

Discover the power of Master Cocktail and its transformative effects on your body. Feel the benefits before you do.

Improved immunity*

Elevate your immune system and your body’s resistance to illness with our unique immune booster master mix.

Speedy recovery*

Master the fast track for your recovery from illness and fatigue with the relaxing benefits of Master Cocktail.

Enhanced energy*

Get your energy and endurance back, recharged and all is well to tackle the day.

Metabolic health*

Support the optimal digestive and metabolic functions that ultimately result in a state of good health and wellness.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Some of the Symptoms that Master Cocktail IV Therapy Can Help With

Master Cocktail IV therapy can alleviate various symptoms and support your health goals.

Customization: Everybody is different, and every illness/disorder presents with different challenges; therefore, our personalized Master Cocktail formulae are specially designed to address your individual health goals and disorders.

Expertise: Be assured of the knowledge and expertise of our competent team who specialize IV therapy services, providing you with the required security and comfort while you undergo it.

Quality Ingredients: Only the best ingredients are used by our scientific team, in Master Cocktail IV with guaranteed results and maximum potency for your health and vitality.

Safety and Hygiene: Rest easy; we do uphold high standards of sterilization and cleanliness to ensure a clean and safe environment for your treatment. This, for your mental piece, is the key to a wonderful session.

Why Should you choose us for Master Cocktail?

Our Master Cocktail is designed for use with a wide range of health goals and conditions that can effectively serve to address individual requirements.  Having the right balance of these ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this formula of the Master Cocktail allows the maximum potential and efficiency leading to enhanced energy and immunity.

IV vs Pills Absorption

Experience the unparalleled effectiveness of our Master Cocktail infusion, surpassing oral supplements in delivering vital vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream. For instance, intravenous Vitamin C can achieve over 50 times higher blood concentrations compared to oral intake.

Benefit from the remarkable immune-boosting properties of intravenous Vitamin C, proven to enhance your body’s ability to fend off infections. Feel the sustained energy surge that lasts for days or even weeks, alleviating symptoms like fibromyalgia pain and bolstering your resilience against illnesses.

With a gentle infusion process lasting 15-30 minutes, our skilled medical professionals administer the Master Cocktail through a tiny IV catheter, ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the session. Embrace a healthier tomorrow with IV Lounge’s Master Cocktail infusion.

Diagram comparing IV therapy (100% absorption) and oral supplements (25% absorption) into the bloodstream.

Ingredients of Master Cocktail

Experience optimal wellness with our exclusive Master Cocktail infusion, meticulously blended with essential vitamins and minerals, designed to fortify immunity and enhance overall health.

Vitamin C

Enhances immunity and aids in the body’s ability to fend off infections, providing sustained energy surge and alleviating symptoms like fibromyalgia pain.


Improves muscle function, aids in energy production, and supports bone health and relaxation.

Potassium Bicarbonate

Helps replenish fluids, balance electrolytes, and support hydration.


Strengthens bones, teeth, and supports overall bone health.

Vitamin B Complex

Supports speedy recovery, boosts energy levels, improves digestion and metabolic health, and aids in enhancing mood and mental clarity.

Vitamin B12

Helps in speeding up recovery, providing vitality, and alleviating fatigue and muscle weakness.


Acts as a powerful antioxidant, detoxifying agent, and supports overall health.

Featured reviews

Our Satisfied and Happy Client Reviews:

Amanda L

After my Master Cocktail infusion, I felt an immediate boost in my energy levels. It was like a fog had lifted, and I could tackle anything that came my way. Highly recommend!

David S

As someone who struggles with frequent illnesses, the Master Cocktail has been a game-changer for me. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my immune system and overall health since starting these infusions. Thank you, IV Lounge!

Jessica W

Dealing with fatigue and muscle weakness was exhausting, but the Master Cocktail infusion provided me with the vitality I needed to get through my day. I feel stronger and more energized than ever!

Ryan M

The Master Cocktail infusion at IV Lounge helped me recover from a recent illness much quicker than expected. I was back on my feet in no time, thanks to the speedy recovery benefits of this treatment.

Lisa H

I’ve struggled with digestive issues for years, but the Master Cocktail infusion has significantly improved my gut health and nutrient absorption. I feel more balanced and nourished from the inside out.


We love questions.

Master Cocktail elevates your immune system with a unique blend of vitamins and minerals, strengthening your body’s defenses against illnesses.

Yes, Master Cocktail supports a fast-track recovery from illness and fatigue, providing relaxing benefits to rejuvenate your body.

Absolutely! Experience a recharged and energized state with Master Cocktail, helping you tackle the day with vitality.

Our infusion aids optimal digestive and metabolic functions, promoting overall wellness and vitality for a healthier lifestyle.

At IV Lounge, we prioritize your well-being with personalized formulas, expert care, quality ingredients, and strict safety protocols, ensuring a comfortable and effective therapy session.

We tailor our Master Cocktail formulations to address your individual health goals and concerns, ensuring personalized care for optimal results.

Absolutely. We uphold rigorous standards of sterilization and cleanliness to provide a safe and sanitized environment for your treatment, prioritizing your peace of mind throughout the session.

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