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Customized Facial

Indulge in our exclusive Customized Facial Experience, where luxury meets personalized skincare. Choose from our two exceptional treatments tailored to cater to your unique skin needs and preferences. Whether you opt for the meticulously curated YMD Signature Customized Facial or the rejuvenating YMD Chilled Cryostick Facial with Lymphatic Drainage, each session promises to revitalize your complexion and leave you feeling refreshed and radiant.

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Signature Customized Facial

$125 (40 mins)

Chilled Cryostick Facial with Lymphatic Drainage

$200 (50 mins)

Signature Customized Facial
Chilled Cryostick Facial with Lymphatic Drainage

Featured reviews

Our Satisfied and Happy Client Reviews:

Olivia M.

The Signature Customized Facial at IV Lounge was amazing! My skin felt refreshed and rejuvenated. The esthetician tailored the treatment to my specific needs, and the results were fantastic. My complexion has never looked better!

Liam S.

I tried the Chilled Cryostick Facial with Lymphatic Drainage, and it was an incredible experience. The cold sensation was soothing, and the lymphatic drainage left my skin feeling detoxified and glowing. IV Lounge truly knows how to pamper their clients.

Isabella D.

IV Lounge’s Signature Customized Facial was exactly what my skin needed. The personalized approach ensured that all my concerns were addressed, and my skin looked radiant and healthy afterwards. I highly recommend this facial treatment!

Ethan W.

The Chilled Cryostick Facial with Lymphatic Drainage at IV Lounge was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. The combination of the cryostick and lymphatic drainage made my skin feel tight and refreshed. I noticed a reduction in puffiness immediately. Fantastic service!

Mia H.

I am so impressed with the results from the Signature Customized Facial at IV Lounge. The facial was tailored to my skin type and concerns, and the esthetician used top-notch products. My skin felt smooth, hydrated, and had a beautiful glow. Will definitely be back!