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Food Sensitivity Testing

A Unique Dietary Plan Based on Your Gut Health

What is Food Sensitivity Testing?

All individuals react to foods in a different manner. Traditional dietary advice often involves reducing red meat and carbohydrates or following popular diets like Mediterranean, Paleo, or Atkins. However, even a “balanced diet” can contribute to chronic illness, debilitating symptoms, and weight gain. Over 90% of the US population has minor sensitivities to commonly consumed foods, leading to inflammation. This inflammation can cause fatigue, lethargy, and weight gain. Identifying these harmful foods is the first step to improving your health.

Why Do I Need Food Sensitivity Testing?

Many symptoms, conditions, and diseases are linked to inflammation caused by the immune system’s response to certain foods and additives. Our advanced food sensitivity testing identifies hidden sensitivities and allergies that may trigger these immune reactions, contributing to fatigue, chronic pain, and immune imbalances. By pinpointing your unique triggers, we help you develop a strategic dietary and supplement protocol tailored to your current health needs and lifestyle.

Benefits of Food Sensitivity Testing in Orlando

Adjusting your diet and lifestyle based on food sensitivity testing can lead to significant improvements in your overall health and well-being. Benefits include*:

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Why Do I Need Food Sensitivity Testing?

Food sensitivity testing is crucial for identifying foods that may cause chronic inflammation and health issues. Many individuals unknowingly consume foods that trigger immune responses, leading to fatigue, pain, and other symptoms. Understanding your specific food sensitivities allows you to make informed dietary choices that promote better health and wellness.

Who is the Right Candidate for Food Sensitivity Testing?

Consider food sensitivity testing if you experience:

Results of Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivity testing can deliver a range of benefits that enhance your overall health and well-being. By identifying and eliminating trigger foods, you can expect:

Food Sensitivity Testing Includes

Advanced Testing

Comprehensive analysis to identify hidden food sensitivities and allergies.

Personalized Dietary Plans

Tailored recommendations based on your unique test results.

Supplement Guidance

Strategic supplement protocols to support your health needs.

Ongoing Support

Continuous monitoring and adjustments to ensure optimal health outcomes.

The Process of Food Sensitivity Testing

Find a Location

Locate your nearest IV Lounge at any of our 4 Florida locations, or call us at (877) 420-0052 for assistance.

Submit Blood Sample

Our staff at IV Lounge will collect your blood sample for testing.

Get Results Online

After testing, you can access your results online or pick up a printed copy from us.

Featured reviews

Our Satisfied and Happy Client Reviews:

Rachel L

Food sensitivity testing at IV Lounge was a game-changer. I feel more energetic and my digestion has improved significantly.

Mark S

Identifying my food sensitivities helped me lose weight and eliminate chronic migraines. Truly life-changing service!

Olivia K

My skin has never looked better. Thanks to the test, my acne and eczema are under control.

James H

IV Lounge’s food sensitivity testing reduced my joint pain and improved my sleep quality. Highly recommended!

Emma G

The personalized nutrition plan from IV Lounge boosted my energy and mental clarity. Fantastic results!


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Food sensitivity testing identifies hidden food sensitivities and allergies that may cause inflammation and contribute to symptoms like fatigue, pain, and digestive issues.

Our advanced testing analyzes your blood sample to detect immune reactions to specific foods, helping to identify your unique dietary triggers.

It helps identify foods that cause inflammation and health issues, allowing you to make informed dietary choices for better health and wellness.

Anyone experiencing chronic fatigue, weight gain, headaches, digestive issues, skin problems, joint pain, or cognitive difficulties may benefit from food sensitivity testing.

Benefits include reduced inflammation, increased energy, improved digestion, better skin health, reduced pain, enhanced mental clarity, and easier weight management.

The blood sample collection is quick, and results are typically available online within a few days after the test.

You can access your results online, or pick up a printed copy from our IV Lounge location.

Our experts will help you develop a personalized dietary plan and supplement protocol based on your unique test results.

Testing is recommended if you experience changes in your symptoms or as advised by our healthcare professionals.

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