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Rehydrate & revitalize: After Party Cocktail IV bag delivers essential nutrients to combat post-party dehydration & fatigue.

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After Party Cocktail

Vitamin C, B Complex, Glutathione, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium Bicarbonate, Zofran, & Toradol.

Rehydrate & revitalize: After Party Cocktail IV bag delivers essential nutrients to combat post-party dehydration & fatigue.

Revitalize and combat hangover symptoms immediately with our energizing blend of nutrients and antioxidants. Get instant relief from headaches and dehydration. Clear the toxins and fill up vitamin levels to get renewed and refreshed once again. Recharge and clarify your liver with our After-Party Cocktail IV combination.  Energize and detoxify with the ultimate post-party liver cleanse infusion.

Rapid Hydration*
Nausea Relief*
Immune System Strengthening*

After Party Cocktail: Rapid Recovery & Immune Boost

If you are combating a headache, nausea, or hangover after a party, our After Party Cocktail is your quick fix for boosting hydration, immune system, and energy.

Rapid Hydration*

Promptly replenishes fluids thus counteracting dehydration and restoring the balance of the body.

Headache Relief*

It offers relief from headaches and migraines, therefore, speeding the recovery process.

Nausea Relief*

Strengthens immunity system warding off post-party sicknesses and upgrading our general health.

Immune Strengthening*

Some studies suggest that IV therapy might help shorten the duration of hangover symptoms, allowing you to recover faster.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Relieve from Hangover, Boost Energy and Feel Refresh with the After Party Cocktail.

Recover swiftly and rejuvenate with our After Party Cocktail IV Therapy infusion. Combat fatigue, nausea, and dehydration while easing hangover symptoms, restoring vitality, and promoting overall well-being after a night out.

Customization: Customized to your requirements, our After-Party Cocktail makes sure that the selected symptoms and demands of your body are addressed.

Expertise: Our highly skilled IV therapy professionals are the best at administering IV therapy to the entire experience as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Quality Ingredients: We incorporate the best vitamins and minerals with the best nutrients in our therapy session by After Party Cocktail IV for the highest efficiency.

Safety and Hygiene: You safety, in the first place. We always maintain sterilization and cleanliness standards to make sure you will feel safe while in our premises.

Why Should You Choose IV Lounge for After Party Cocktail?

At the IV Lounge, your health and well-being are the utmost concern for us. The outcomes you will obtain through our After Party Cocktail IV therapy treatment are impeccable quality and safety.

Ingredient of After Party Cocktail IV Therapy

The After Party Cocktail IV Therapy infusion offers numerous benefits, thanks to its blend of essential nutrients and medications:

Vitamin C

Boosts immunity and fights off cold symptoms, aiding in rapid recovery.

B Complex

Provides energy, supports neurological function, and aids in cell metabolism.


Acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting the body from disease and improving overall health.


Essential for bone health and muscle function, contributing to overall well-being.


Supports muscle and nerve function, aids in energy production, and regulates blood pressure.

Potassium Bicarbonate

Helps maintain proper electrolyte balance, essential for hydration and muscle function.


Provides relief from nausea and vomiting, promoting comfort and well-being after excessive alcohol consumption.


Offers potent pain relief, alleviating headaches and body aches commonly associated with hangovers.

IV vs Pills Absorption

Within mere minutes, the After Party Cocktail replenishes fluid and nutrients, all of which are inaccessible to oral enrichments. Through intravenous administration, we facilitate quick pain relief and potent cooling.

Vitamin C, B Complex, and Glutathione flood into your bloodstream through the increasing process, thus providing a luxury strong healthcare and cleansing. Fighting off headaches and nausea with Zofran and Toradol, two common pain relievers is simple.

Comfort and care of your loved ones will be fully taken care of at the facility by highly skilled specialists. Embrace a proactive health regime which provides a complete no-downtime maximum micronutrient absorption for a flourishing tomorrow.

Diagram comparing IV therapy (100% absorption) and oral supplements (25% absorption) into the bloodstream.

Featured reviews

Our Satisfied and Happy Client Reviews:

Emma S.

After a wild night out, the After Party Cocktail saved me! Headache vanished, energy soared—I felt like a new person.

James B.

Never thought a post-party pick-me-up could be so effective! Nausea gone, hydration restored. IV Lounge, you’re my savior!

Olivia M.

The After Party Cocktail is my secret weapon against hangovers. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to vitality!

Ethan K.

Dehydration and headaches were my worst enemies after a night out. But with IV Lounge’s After Party Cocktail, I bounce back in no time!

Ava R.

As someone prone to hangovers, the After Party Cocktail is a game-changer. Quick relief from nausea and aches—I’m sold!


We love questions.

Absolutely. When administered by licensed medical professionals, After Party Cocktail IV is as safe as hospital drips.

Clients may experience minor discomfort during therapy, but the benefits far outweigh any discomfort.

Regular IV therapy with vitamin C boosts immunity, reducing the risk of catching colds.

No. IV therapy delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream, ensuring optimal absorption.

Effects are immediate since nutrients go straight into the bloodstream.

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