IV Cocktails &
Vitamin IM Shots

You are one step closer to achieving your wellness goals! We would love to be the vessel in helping you accomplish that.  

Our IV Therapy and Vitamin shot treatments provide micronutrient nourishment. The purpose of IV Therapy and IM shots are endless. Whether you are seeking to treat a vitamin deficiency, optimize your health, or improve your athletic performance, our staff will welcome you and pair you with the best treatment options. 

Contact any of our locations to speak with a wellness specialist with questions about Vitamin Therapy or for appointment scheduling!

Thank you. – The IV Lounge Team 

Specific Health Goals in Mind?

Our extensive Vitamin Therapy menu consists of a wide variety of IV drip cocktails, IM shots, and supplements to suit your specific health needs and goals. We are also proud to offer affordable blood testing, sexual and hormone wellness services, and aesthetic treatments.
Our staff is highly informative throughout one-on-one consultations, so feel free to ask questions!
At our lounges, you will find an atmosphere of both affordable luxury and comfort. Our team of wellness experts will ensure your experience is compassionate, personalized, and beneficial to your journey.

IV Cocktails

Benefits of
IV Therapy

  • Natural & effective ingredients.
  • Comfortable facility and clinically trained staff.
  • A method of preventive and proactive health care.
  • No downtime.
  • Total 100% micronutrient absorption
  • Improved immunity, recovery, digestion, energy, and metabolic health.

IV Shots

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The IV Lounge Medical Advisory Team Separates us from other wellness centers. Our doctors are not only experts in their fields of practice but are advocates for personalized healthcare.

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