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Biotin is a Big Player for Your Skin and Nails


Biotin Is A Big Player For Your Skin And Nails

This nutrient is an important factor in your beauty plan.

If you’re not familiar with the IV Lounge’s “Inner Beauty Cocktail”, you should be. This combination of vitamins and minerals, like Biotin, and one liter of fluid can boost the health of your hair, skin, and nails. That can translate to improvement in how you feel and look.

Meet Biotin

One of those vitamins is biotin, which is a member of the popular B Family of vitamins. It actually has a few different names. It’s known as B7 or B8, coenzyme R, but it actually also is associated with the letter “H”. The letter is for Haar and Haut, the German meanings for “hair and skin”. So it also has been known unofficially as “Vitamin H”.

The name or letter you choose to refer to it isn’t as important as what it does. If you’re deficient, then you may notice an increase in hair loss as well as a rash with a scaly look to it. Conversely, having an adequate supply has been proven to be beneficial. A 2012 study by Ablon Glynis, MD showed that supplementation improved hair growth and health after 90 and 180 days. This means that ongoing use of the vitamin could potentially result in even greater results.

It isn’t only an ally for your hair. Thanks to its ability to promote the growth of healthy cells and helps in the metabolism of amino acids that your nails need for optimal health and support. A study in Switzerland showed that supplementation or a nutrition plan including biotin can help improve brittle nails in some patients.

As for the matters of the epidermis, lacking adequate amounts of biotin can potentially lead to skin issues like increased rashes. This may be because of its role in fat metabolism. There is concern about taking biotin for skin health because it has unfortunately gotten an unfairly bad reputation. Biotin was previously believed to cause acne. Not only is that not the case, but biotin has been shown to help improve the health of your skin and can even combat comedonal acne.

The tasks that this nutrient takes care of go beyond vanity alone. Aside from the skin and hair benefits, biotin also can help improve cognitive function, increase HDL cholesterol as well as decrease LDL cholesterol, and reduce inflammation.

About That Cocktail

So the reasons that biotin is included in the Inner Beauty Cocktail are now obvious. If you looked at the cocktail as a team, biotin is a major contributor to that team. It’s joined by Vitamin C and glutathione as well as a series of recommended shots and one liter of fluid to help improve hydration and maximize the body’s ability to take in and process those components so you can reap all the benefits you deserve.

For the sake of your inner health and the potential of your true beauty, feel free to contact us today to discuss the Inner Beauty Cocktail and learn more about everything the IV Lounge can offer for you.

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