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Infrared Sauna: Before or After a Workout? 

Infrared Sauna: Before or After a Workout? The IV Lounge

Infrared Sauna: Before or After a Workout? 

An infrared Sauna is meant to feel like a warm hug and sometimes you just don’t want to let go. There has been a lot of talk about when is the right time to go into a sauna. A warm hug is as close to an explanation as I can get. Sometimes you really just don’t want to let go of a warm hug so going into the sauna before a workout will probably make you unmotivated to actually get anything done.

Now that you know that partaking in the wonders of an infrared sauna is better AFTER your workout,  Pro Series is here to help us explain why:

  • Loss of Energy- One of the main purposes of a sauna is to relax you. You’ll notice that after a session you’ll have a better night’s Doing it before a workout won’t make you very productive. Your muscles won’t want to do as much work as you may want them to.
  • Dehydration- The heat from the session will cause you to sweat a lot, which is why it’s recommended to drink a lot of water before and after. If you decide to go to the gym after, you are risking becoming severely dehydrated which won’t do your body any good.
  • No extra burn! – When you leave the sauna, you will continue to burn calories at least 30 minutes after. It’s really great because you will be doing nothing and still burning some extra calories. If you go before the gym, these times will overlap and you won’t really have any extra calories that are being burned.

Have I convinced you to go only after your workout yet? If not then keep reading. When you go to the sauna, your muscles will relax which makes them more prone to injury. Going to the gym after the fact will increase your chances of getting hurt. If you think about it, your mental state is also more relaxed so you won’t really be paying attention to the gym equipment and what you’re actually doing.

The IV Lounge offers an infrared sauna to all of our customers. Not only does it offer many benefits, but it can also aid you in your fitness journey.  If saunas aren’t your thing, we also have many different IV Cocktails that will help rehydrate you while burning some calories. We have the Athletic Recovery Cocktail and even the Immune Support Cocktail for whatever needs you may have.

Come give us a visit so that you can give our Infrared Sauna a try! Maybe even indulge in our other services too.




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