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IV Therapy Pros and Cons, is IV Therapy Good for You?

iv therapy


IV Therapy has been around for some time now but it’s just getting the popularity it deserves. This is mainly used in a healthcare setting to deliver nutrients or medications to a patient. As it has become more popular, you will start to see that everyone is starting to take part in the wonders of IV therapy like celebrities and even just your peers. It’s a great way to be able to quickly feel more hydrated but how does IV therapy REALLY work?

To be able to fully understand how IV Therapy works, you should start from the beginning. The acronym “IV” that you’re always seeing stands for Intravenous. The section, intra means within or inside. Venous, relates to the vein. If you put both of those together that’s how you get the word intravenous therapy. From there on it’s pretty easy to figure out what this treatment is.

From there it’s time to understand how these Iv treatments work. It involves a tube called a catheter and solution that contains the specific vitamins and minerals that you chose. The infusion will deliver these nutrients directly into your bloodstream, cutting down on the wait time. This is becoming such a popular treatment just because when you take oral medication, it has to pass through the digestive system. Because of this, you don’t get the full amount of nutrients you could be getting.

So why do you need these nutrients? According to Neuro Mend, as you age you become more nutritionally deficient. This can lead to possible cellular changes that may even damage your DNA. Using IV therapy as a way to assist your body can help slow down the effects of aging an may even help your cells repair themselves after exposure to toxic environments.

If you’re someone that’s fairly new to the IV Therapy world, you’ll want to know everything you possible can about it before diving in completely. To be able to do that it’s good to be educated on the pros and cons of what Iv Therapy has to offer.

IV Therapy Cons

Here are a few things that some folks can consider possible cons of IV therapy.

Not A Substitution

Vitamin IV therapy can be a great way to target infection, dehydration, and even malnutrition but one thing that everyone should keep in mind is that this isn’t a substitute for a healthy diet. It’s important to be able to keep up with your health out of vitamin IV therapy because it’s not something that you can do everyday. It’s purpose is to ADD on any extra nutrients and benefits that your body may be lacking but if you’re missing out on a healthy lifestyle completely it won’t do much good.

Not Ideal

Another challenge that can come from this is the fact that it has to be administered by a qualified professional. It’s not something you can just go out to the store and buy. Because of this, not everyone is able to have access to it maybe because of their schedule or where they live. There are some IV therapy treatment centers that offer Mobile Concierge Service where they can bring the nurse or physician to you, like at the IV Lounge, but it’s not something that’s very well known at the moment.


Like with any shot or injectable there is the possibility of infection. Whenever you puncture your skin, regardless of how it’s done, it’s opening the body and putting it at risk for outside pathogens. At the Iv lounge we take pride in our registered healthcare professionals. They have been trained the right way and are more than prepared to administer your IVs.


There are people who have veins that are hard to find. This can happen to anyone but it just means that it may take a couple tries to get the right vein for the IV. Like any injection, regardless of how many times it’s done, there is some possibility for bruising. This is a completely normal and often a good sign because it shows that your immune system is doing its job. Luckily, any discomfort that you may feel shouldn’t last that long and then it’ll be like nothing even happened.


The more obvious con is the fact that it’s a needle going into your arm. For those that have a fear of shots may take this as a pretty serious con. The good thing is that when you’re getting n IV infusion, the needle doesn’t stay inside your arm the whole time! Once the needle punctures the skin, the healthcare professional will put the catheter in and remove the needle.

IV Therapy Pros

To lighten the load we decided to put the pros at the bottom, this will help ease your mind and may even help you see that IV Therapy is a great health treatment!

Fast Acting

We all know that with every bad there can be a good. Since those are some cons or challenges that can come from IV therapy, I figured it’d be good to bring to light some of the pros. We all know that one of the main advantages of IV therapy is the fact that it’s fast acting. If you were dehydrated you would usually drink some water but sometimes that takes hours to do what it has to do. With Vitamin IV Therapy, you will be hydrated within minutes and be able to walk out feeling like a new person.

When you take oral supplements, by the time it reaches your bloodstream most of it has been absorbed by your digestive system. Because f this, you don’t get the full amount of Vitamins and minerals that you could get. With IV therapy all of the nutrients go straight to your bloodstream so that you get 100% absorption.


Whenever you’re sick and you need to take some kind of medicine, it’s hard to find something that will tend specifically to what you are feeling. With IV therapy, a lot of the fluids that’s chosen for you is going to be more precise on what your body actually needs. This way you’ll feel better instantly without putting any extra chemicals or medications in your body.

Not only that but it’s used by many healthcare professionals to treat symptoms of specific conditions. Depending on what you’re feeling, make sure to let your doctor know so that they can make sure to give you the right nutrients that your body needs.

Promotes Heart Health

Depending on which ingredients you decide to have in your Iv bag, it can have a positive effect on your heart health. Certain amino acids and minerals like Arginine and Calcium may help relax your blood vessels and even regulate the contraction and dilation of them.

Immune Boost

Free Radicals occur naturally in the body. They are said to contribute to a wide range of diseases. With Iv bags that contain Vitamin c and Zinc, it’s a great way to protect your body against infection. Strengthening your immune system will help make sure that your body stay strong and healthy longer. Not only that but it will also make sure that it’s equipped to fight off some diseases.

Hangover Relief

As we all may know, alcohol causes your body to lose water because it’s known as a diuretic. Just because you’re drinking liquid from a cup, doesn’t mean it’s going to hydrate you. It does the complete opposite. After a long night of drinking you’ll notice that you’re experiencing common dehydration symptoms. IV Therapy helps restore some water back into your body and provides some electrolytes to relieve some of the other symptoms that come with a hangover.

Wound Healing

One great thing that IV therapy can do is accelerating the wound healing process. Depending on which Cocktail you choose, it can repair damaged cells and improve the health of your skin for a much more vibrant and youthful look.

Common Uses

To be able to fully understand IV therapy you should also understand the common uses for it. This can vary depending on the type of person and what you are going into the doctors for. These days you’ll see a lot more people walk in to an IV Lounge for a pick me up.

  • Nausea- many people have used Iv therapy to combat symptoms of hangovers, motion sickness, pregnancy, vomiting, and even dehydration
  • Illness- When it comes to long-term conditions, Iv therapy is said to maybe help alleviate some of the pain and symptoms that can come with them.
  • Common Cold- Sometimes the common cold is inevitable. IV Therapy has ingredients that may be able to reduce symptoms like body aches and immune deficiency.
  • Jet Lag- For those that are always on the go, Iv therapy can restore hydration and lessen the symptoms that you can get from jet lag.
  • Wellness- If you just want to come in to make sure that your body stays healthy, that’s okay too! Iv therapy supports general wellness by providing the body with nutrients that it needs to promote things like better sleep and even better mood.

Which Ingredients

With all the talk about nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, you must be curious as to which ones can make up an IV bag. It all depends on what you’re going in to treat and what your healthcare professional feels is best to use.

To give you an idea, some of the ingredients that can be used are:

  • Glutathione- It’s known as the secret to DNA repair because of all the benefits it provides. Not only does it decrease the signs of aging but it also decreases stress and toxin exposure in the body.
  • NAD+- It’s mainly used to replenish the Mitochondria while utilizing nutrients and oxygen to produce ATP. It’s a great way to shave off some years and feel like your younger self!
  • Vitamin D- It helps regulate the calcium and phosphate in our body. This makes sure that our bones stay nice and strong. Not only that but it’s also known for reducing depression and lowering the risk of cancer
  • Zinc- It’s found in many cells throughout our body while it helps fight off bacteria and viruses. Our body uses that zinc to make proteins and DNA.
  • Magnesium- It helps to make protein while lowering blood pressure and decreasing stress on those hard days. Not only that but it’s also used to regulate muscle, nerve, and blood sugar!


At the end of the day I wouldn’t say that there are any liquid IV side effects but more so challenges that can easily be counteracted, It’s important to be able to take care of your health regardless of IV therapy. We just want o make sure that you know the great benefits that it can provide for you. It has become a quick, easy, and effective way for your body to get what it needs in no time.

Many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you can get from the food you eat but because of the fact that your body absorbs so much of it, you never get the right amount. IV Therapy makes sure you get 100% absorption in half the time.

Come to the IV Lounge to see what different types of IV Cocktails and IM shots we have to offer. From Immune Support all the way to Athletic Recovery Cocktails, there isn’t anything that it won’t be able to help.

Our healthcare professionals take pride in being able to provide you with the best care possible so all the cons won’t seem so bad. All you have to do is make sure they know about any questions that you might have. If you have all your questions answered this may help make your experience a better on.

To hear more information about what the IV lounge has all you have to do is visit our website. To make it even better, to schedule your FREE consultation just give us a call to get started today!


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