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4 Natural Joint Pain Remedies-

joint pain

4 Natural Joint Pain Remedies-

A lot of the time when we begin to feel body aches, we’re told that we’re “getting old.” In some cases this is true but there are people that experience body aches for many reasons. There have been instances where doctors see patients of all ages complain of muscle and bone pain. This is where it gets tricky. To find the actual cause of the joint pain can be difficult to self diagnose. This is why we recommend making sure that your doctor knows what’s going on.

Sometimes if there is an apparent injury then the source may be quite obvious. However, there are pains that develop over time and don’t really have an apparent source. That is when your doctor will evaluate your history to make sure you get the right diagnosis.

Sometimes there are medications that can be taken to relieve some of the pain you are feeling. There are some people that prefer a more natural way to go about pain and that’s why we want to bring to light some of them. According to VERO, going about muscle ad joint pain in a natural way is a good way to ease pain when you don’t have a lot of options.

  1. The first thing you can try is an Epsom Salt Soak. It’s one of the more common remedies for joint pain because of how easy it is to do. Epsom salts are easily absorbed through the skin and are a great way to lower inflammation; muscle spasms in joints. Not only that but the fact that it’s high in magnesium and sulfates is what gives it the kick it needs to work its magic.
  2. Exercise is a universal healer for a lot of people. Making sure that you stay moving and exercise frequently has been shown to decrease arthritis joint pain. The reasoning behind this is that when you exercise your joints and muscles get stronger. This makes it easier for them to support your body. Not only that but when you exercise your body releases endorphins which is known to relieve pain.
  3. There are many instances where you’ll be told to put a cold and hot pack on your muscles. This is because it really works! Using heat treatment can help ease stiffness and ease discomfort. An ice pack can relieve joint pain, swelling, and inflammation.
  4. Another common form of pain relief is meditation. Not only does it help ease pain but also it’s a great way to learn to relax and de-stress. While it may not make the pain go away completely, it can help teach you to cope with it in a way where you don’t have to be burdened by it no longer. It’s said by Healthline that practicing mindfulness meditation is helpful for some people with anxiety, stress, and even depression. All of which are complications of conditions that involve joint pain.

If going the natural way isn’t what you want then we know exactly what would help. At The IV Lounge we have a plethora of IM shots to help with different conditions. One of them is our Vitamin D shot. Vitamin D is known to help with arthritis pain. Not only that but it is a great anti-inflammatory for the body. It shuts down pro inflammatory chemical production in the body so that you can feel immediate relief. Make sure to visit our website or give us a call so that we can schedule your appointment today. We want to make sure that your happiness and health is our number one priority.


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