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What About Taurine?


What About Taurine? –

When you hear about Taurine, you probably don’t hear a lot about how it can do wonders for the skin. It’s known as an amino acid that supports the metabolism and boosts the health of the eyes, heart, and even muscles. It’s something that you can find in meat and fish so make sure you’re getting your daily consumption. But what does it do to your skin?

When you apply it to the skin, Taurine targets the top layer of the skin, which helps with healing of damaged skin. It works hard to accelerate the skin cell metabolism which also helps with faster skin regeneration. Because of this, any redness and swelling that you may experience with your skin, it may help reduce that. I know it may sound like a gift from the heavens but it’s true!

When you go out and buy all of these skin products that may or may not work, a good ingredient to keep a look out for is for this amino acid. For those of you that are being brought down by the effects of aging, according to Elta MD, it is said to help the aging lines and diminish wrinkles. Another great benefit of this is the fact that Taurine inhibits Glycation. This may sound bad because it is! Glycation is when sugars attach themselves to the amino acids in college, which increases the risk of wrinkles and sagging. This is the complete opposite of what we want for our skin.

We all know that as soon as we walk outside on a daily basis our skin is introduced to many different environmental toxins that we can’t always run away from. Environmental toxins like Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons that surround us everyday are a big hazard to our skin. These are sources like automobile exhaust, cigarette smoke, and wood burning. It’s linked to hyperpigmentation, acne, and can even lead to skin cancer. Taurine would slow down these effects and make sure that your skin provides a more protective coating for you.

Finding different sources of Taurine isn’t the problem, the problem is if you’re actually consuming the right amount. You can find Taurine in things like meat, fish, dairy, and even a supplement. Our bodies naturally make Taurine but to get any of the added benefits that it can give, it’s important to consume more than what we make. 

It’s clear that Taurine has any skin benefits so make sure that you use it! Here at the IV Lounge. We offer a Brain Booster shot that has Taurine as one of the components. While the Brain Booster is to help with concentration and mental clarity, taking this amount of Taurine will also be able to help with skin.

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