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What Do Experts Say?


What Do Experts Say? –

You may have heard your peers talk about how great IV Therapy is, but just what do medical experts have to say about this? IV therapy is getting more popular by the minute. It used to be a luxury that was only provided to celebrities and VIPs, but is offered in many cities, including Florida. IV Treatments promise to do everything from hydration to boosting energy so it’s important to know what the professionals are saying about this new method of healthcare.

Healthline brings up some interesting questions that are answered by some doctors and physicians to help consumers understand better the benefits of IV Therapy. When it comes to the type of vitamins that should be put in the IVs, doctors recommend the ones that are naturally made by the body. This is great because IV Therapy offers many different types of IVs that will work with you to ensure your health.

The good thing about IV therapy is that it can provide significant benefits to those that are struggling with health conditions that make it hard for their bodies to retain nutrients. This is when doctors would prescribe IV therapy. Dr. Albert Ahn states that this is a great way to provide your body with the nutrients it needs in the quickest way possible. Nutrients take a longer time to start working so a lot of people prefer the quick fix of an IV. Dr. Ahn also states that IV therapy may raise hydration levels when you are feeling down from a cold or flu.

Justine Ranes, an M.D., says that while a lot of people would think about IV therapy as something only used in hospitals. The IV Therapy world is a great way to get hydration and other health benefits to those that are suffering from mild to moderate illnesses. One big thing about the cost of IVs is that if you go to an ER and get an IV, the cost for this can be well over 1,000 dollars. In IV studios, the price drops while still giving you the service you asked for. It’s a great way to get things done without having to go through the struggle of insurance or huge medical bills for something as simple as hydration. 

At the end of the day, getting an IV treatment can give you a lot of benefits that you don’t regularly get on a day to day basis but to a lot of people the question is, is it worth it? There are professionals that say yes because it’s something that you can’t get everywhere but others say that there really isn’t a need for it unless you’re really sick. Whatever your thought is, it’s no secret that IV therapy does have some great benefits that we can all take part in sometime.

If you want to hear more about the benefits of IV Therapy, make sure to stop by the IV Lounge and take a look at our IV menu. You’ll be able to see all of the different services that we offer while learning more about your health!

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