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Put A Pep In Your Step With This #1 Shot

Put A Pep In Your Step With This Shot The IV Lounge

Put a Pep in Your Step With This Shot

We all know the struggles of having to wake up early in the morning not feeling our best. Some people just aren’t used to getting up early in the morning for work. Others just can’t seem to gather up enough energy to physically get out of bed. It’s hard to get up every day and make sure that you are ready for what the day is going to entail.

Whether it’s fatigue or your brain just doesn’t seem to be working right, the morning blues are definitely a thing. Now, what If I told you that there can be a way to open up all that fog and tiredness that our deep sleep brings us? If you don’t believe me just take a look at our Brain Booster Shot.

This shot could be the one thing that helps you get out of bed and you don’t even know it. It has a combination of vitamins and amino acids that can help aid in mental clarity and memory.That’s not all. It contains L Carnitine which is an amino acid and powerful antioxidant.

Now I know you’re going to say,”please stop with all the science talk,” so let me just explain exactly what I mean. This amino acid supports healthy flow to the brain which in return helps with productivity and concentration. It has been shown to help with brain fog so that you can get through your day with a clear mind.

Sometimes it just seems like your mind is everywhere except where it should be. That’s normal until you have to focus at work but can’t. It takes no longer than 5 minutes to administer and you’ll instantly feel that wave of relief wash over you.

Now with that being said, one of the most important components that makes up this wonderful shot is B12 and B complex. B12 plays such an important part in how your brain works because it has great mood boosting qualities. It can even help with anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer’s. According to Healthline, The B complex vitamin is great for improving energy, increasing stress tolerance, and believe it or not protecting your brain from that terrible thing we like to call aging.

No matter what the reason may be, don’t forget to visit us at IV Lounge or just give us a call to have all your questions answered. Set up your appointment today!



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