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Summer Months and Dehydration: Benefits of IV Hydration

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Summer Months and Dehydration

Stay healthy during the warm months of the year.

Anytime that you think or read the word “hydration”, the first thought that likely goes through your mind is a bottle of water. The next thought is you drinking lots of water throughout the course of your day to avoid dehydration. Believe it or not, you don’t have to commit yourself to drinking bottle after bottle from dawn to dusk. There’s another way to stay properly hydrated and be healthier – IV Hydration.

The Issue with Drinking

When you feel thirsty, the natural instinct is to grab a glass or bottle of water. After all, that was what we were taught as children. This is especially true when you’re going through the summer months when temperatures are higher and it feels more humid. However, the tissue in the throat and digestive tract actually claims a lot of that liquid as you’re consuming it. As a result, you won’t be as hydrated as you may think you would be. So you need to drink even more water and even then, you still may not achieve the desired effect.

This is why you should consider IV Hydration instead. Choosing this method will take a much less toll on the digestive system than constantly consuming liquids orally according to Quench Wellness. Since the body can directly absorb it through the IV, there will be a greater retention and less waste.

Other Benefits

The rewards for this practice doesn’t stop there. IV Hydration can immediately make a positive impact on your tendons, joints, and muscles. The fluids entering your body can help flush toxins out and improve recovery. If you’re an athlete or participate in intense physical labor on a regular basis, then this therapy can help you see an improvement in performance both short and long term.

Before you think any more about that, let’s talk about the thinking process in general. If you feel thirsty, then guess what? You’re already at least partially dehydrated. That means your brain is already operating at a reduced rate and your cognitive function may be altered. The longer that your brain is deprived of those fluids, the more dangerous of a situation this could potentially be.

Fortunately, IV Hydration can help you send those fluids to the brain at a much faster rate than through the drinking process. The result is that you’re more likely to focus properly and be able to function as you feel you should.

Of course, these aren’t the only functions of our bodies that are dependent on water. Immune system health, blood flow, respiratory system health, and even your skin are all affected by your hydration levels. In short, your hydration levels can directly correspond with your overall quality of health.

How Can I Start This?

If reading the above information has you wondering if you should try IV Hydration for yourself, the short answer is yes, you should. The good news is you can try this therapy for yourself thanks to the IV Lounge. Contact us today for more information and to book an appointment. You will see and feel the difference for yourself.


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