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The Jet Lag Cocktail Can Relieve The Stress of Traveling

jet lag

The Jet Lag Cocktail

Feel better and live better with this blend.

If you feel like you’re having trouble sleeping, feel weaker than usual, or that you’re constantly thirsty, you might write it off as being due to stress. That could be an error that doesn’t address the actual problem. You could potentially be deprived of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that the body needs for you to stay well and perform as desired daily. This is especially true if your career requires a lot of time in the air or on the road.

The Tolls of Traveling

Let’s discuss the impact that traveling can have on you. You’re either in the air or in a car for several hours. You’re going to different climates and dealing with factors that you’re not used to. These factors can place physical stress on the body. Compounded with the emotional stress that comes with delays or other issues, this could wreak havoc on your wellness. This is especially true if you’re new to traveling or have been home for a long time and are just now getting back to visiting different places.

The IV Lounge’s “Jet Lag Cocktail” is the solution to these issues. This intravenous drip (IV) can do so much to improve your overall health thanks to what is included in this unique blend. The vitamins and minerals below are an all-star team for your body that will have you feeling like you never left your home.

Vitamin C and zinc are the famous “1,2” punch for your immune system that can help you when facing allergies or illness any time of the year. This is crucial if you travel to different climates at random times.

Magnesium has been shown in studies to improve quality of sleep both short and long term. You could potentially sleep better in your seat or on a bed that isn’t your own.

Selenium is a mineral that can help support your metabolism. If you’re eating less or different foods than you’re accustomed to, then you might not be getting enough which could lead to digestion issues as well as unhealthy weight gain.

Copper works with iron to produce red blood cells. It also has a positive role in the maintenance of healthy blood vessels, bones, joints, and nerves. Copper also serves a good backup to Vitamin C and zinc for your immune system.

Copper also works as a tag team with Manganese to help assist the respiratory system, process carbohydrates properly, lipid metabolism, and the formation of collagen. It also is involved in antioxidant activities.

If any or all of those look like things you could benefit from, then reach out to the IV Lounge to schedule a consultation so we can discuss how you can benefit from the Jet Lag Cocktail. You could be back on top of your game and performing at your normal levels in the gym or meeting room quickly.

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