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Vitamin C And Your Skin- 3 Benefits

Vitamin C

Vitamin C And Your Skin

You’ve probably heard of Vitamin C to keep you from getting the common flu but have you ever heard of it for the skin? They are probably one of the most important parts of skincare because of the fact that they actually do work. Because of this lets dive in deeper and figure out exactly what it can do for us.

What really is it when it comes to your skin? It’s a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals. When adding vitamin C to the skin when it’s going through its regeneration process can help repair damaged skin cells. Its kind of like how in the same way we ingest it to fight off any diseases in our body, putting it on our skin can help in protecting it. 

We all know that environmental toxins play a big part in how our skin can look. They can be very damaging so we feel like we constantly have to find a way to protect it or at least keep away from these toxins. Because of the fact that they are usually all around us, this can get difficult. UV exposure puts us at risk for skin cancer and Vitamin C is found to protect the skin from these changes, which can go a long way if you’re someone who is always out in the sun.

What makes vitamin c so great is the fact that the benefits aren’t limited to one. Because its highly acidic, when used on the skin, it triggers it to heal itself by accelerating the production of collagen and elastin according to NCBI. Collagen and elastin are protein fibers that our skin naturally makes. They help keep the skin plump and firm so adding Vitamin c that helps in the production of collagen will also help in preventing premature aging of the skin.

Now, what do you have to look for when you’re going out to buy Vitamin C? There are many different kinds that you can get but while you’re searching the aisles the term you need to look for is ascorbic acid. This is going to be the most stable and effective form of vitamin C for your skin. Another thing you should look for is a serum. They are proven to be more effective then creams and toners so it’ll help your skin more.

Here at The IV Lounge we offer vitamin C injections so that it can help your skin. This product is one of our IV drips called the Beauty Cocktail. It includes Vitamin C that helps in keeping your skin revived and glowing while taking you back to that youthful look you yearn for.

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