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What Are Micronutrients?


What Are Micronutrients?- 

Micronutrients. We’ve all heard about macronutrients and how our bodies require it in larger amounts to make sure that it functions properly. One thing that a lot of people don’t think about is Micronutrients and how much our body actually needs them. This is one of the major groups of nutrients that our body needs. This is manifested in vitamins and minerals, which are a great way to make sure our body is at its peak.

The term micronutrients are used to describe the vitamins and minerals we put in our body according to Healthline. Unlike macronutrients that include proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, our body needs smaller amounts of micronutrients to function the right way. Our bodies can naturally produce vitamins and minerals. This is how we acquire micronutrients from the food we eat or the supplements we take.

There are many different types of vitamins and minerals in the foods we consume. That is why it’s important for you to eat a variety of foods to get the amount that you need. Because there are so many different types of vitamins and minerals, they are categorized into four different sections:

  • Water Soluble Vitamins- this one is pretty self-explanatory. These are the vitamins that dissolve in water. Because of this, they are not easily stored in the body and get flushed out with our urine.
  • Fat Soluble Vitamins- these vitamins don’t dissolve in water and are best absorbed when consumed alongside a source of fat.
  • Macro minerals- these types of minerals are needed in larger amounts to be able to perform their tasks. Some of them may be calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
  • Trace Minerals- these are needed in smaller portions than macro minerals but are still important for the functioning of your body. Some of them may include iron, zinc, and copper.

All different types of micronutrients are very important for our body to function properly. This is no matter the amount that you consume. They can make sure that you slim and trim, just in time for summer. They fight off diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and even heart disease. Because we need these vitamins and minerals so much, a deficiency can cause serious problems with your health. You will start noticing that your body isn’t functioning the way it once was and it can even require medical help.

IV Therapy is a great way to be able to get all the micronutrients that you may need. Make sure that you try some of our IV Cocktails and IM shots. One of them is our Immune Support Cocktail. It includes Zinc that helps reduce symptoms of sickness. They can help make sure your body is at peak health and even add many other benefits. Visit us at The IV Lounge to hear more or speak to our registered nurses.



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