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What is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy

What Is IV Therapy?

Here’s what you should know and why you should consider it.

There are many people who have tried IV therapy and have reaped the benefits it offers for a variety of health and wellness goals. However, we’re aware that there may always be someone new logging on to our site and following us on social media. These folks may be curious about the practice and if they should think about using it themselves. If you’re one of those people that want to learn about what we do and how it can help you, then consider this IV Therapy 101.

What is It?

The “IV” stands for intravenous. According to IV Boost, IV Therapy is the practice of delivering fluids directly into the vein via injection. Higher pressure injections would be administered with a syringe. The more common practice is a slower infusion which is only pressured by gravity. The slower infusions are also known as “drips”. These methods are used to deliver vitamins, minerals, blood products, and medications straight into the bloodstream.

What’s the Difference?

The difference between IV Therapy and oral administrations of the same vitamins, minerals, and medications is how it’s processed. When you take any of the above choices orally, it has to go through your digestive system before they can be distributed and used by the rest of your body. When the digestive system does its job, the supplements and medications are metabolized. The result is a significant reduction in the amount the body can use. Essentially this means what you’re taking can’t be as effective.

When those same vitamins, minerals, and medications are administered through the IV, the digestive system is bypassed and your bloodstream receives 100% of whatever is injected. So it can go straight to the cells that are in need of them. This means more of it is available and the body can use it to improve recovery, maintain wellness, or whatever else you’re taking is supposed to do for you.

Are There Other Benefits?

The benefits that IV Therapy offers depends on what it is that you’re taking and why you need it. However, choosing IV Therapy over other options do offer incentives that make it a better option. These benefits include enhanced energy, improved anxiety levels, combating fatigue, helping with allergies, improved quality of sleep, mental clarity, and improvement of your immune health. Recovery from intense activity like exercise, and more.


That only scratches the surface about IV Therapy and what it can do for you. Even with this brief overview, the only way you’ll truly understand and appreciate all the rewards that are reaped from what we do is to come and give our services a try. Our professionals are ready to serve you and provide solutions for whatever it is that you feel you need help improving. Contact us today so we can arrange a consultation and set up your first appointment. Like many others who we’ve had the pleasure of serving, we’re confident that your first session won’t be your last.


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