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IV Therapy: The Dos and Don’ts

IV therapy as we currently know it, isn’t that old. The concept of injecting fluids into someone’s vein has been around for as early as the 1600s. What made it difficult to be used more often was because science wasn’t as advanced back then. There was a lack of modern medicine and science along with a lack of knowledge of the human body.

This was very important to the progress of this type of treatment because if not done the right way, it could go very badly. That’s what happened. The first couple of attempts to deliver fluids were mostly unsuccessful. Because of the two world wars, a lot of healthcare professionals had to take a step back and analyze the way that they were using IV therapy.

While it may be hard to believe, the biggest changes that have occurred when it comes to IV therapy have happened within the last 25 years. It first started out as a way for healthcare professionals to transfuse blood. A monumental change that happened in the IV therapy world was the way that these fluids were transferred.

During WWll nurses had to figure out a faster way to deliver the nutrients to the soldiers. It wasn’t until the 1940s where doctors began to experiment with plastic tubes. That wasn’t even the final product. According to IV Watch, in the 1950s Dr. David Massa developed the “Rochester plastic needle.” This was the first modern IV catheter that made IV therapy safer and more comfortable for everyone.

What is even more interesting is that when Iv therapy was just starting out, you would only see doctors administering the IVs. This is because it wasn’t something that you could just get anywhere. Nowadays, it has become a form of treatment for so many things. It’s not only easier to get ahold of but nurses are also able to provide the treatment to who wants it.

For those that don’t really know about IV therapy and what it has to offer, us at the IV Lounge want to welcome you to the world of peak wellness. It’s a great wave of treatments that can help you with a plethora of things like:

  • Migraines
  • Fatigue
  • Dehydration
  • Immunity Boost
  • Weight Loss
  • Activity & Recovery
  • Anti-aging
  • Hangover Recovery

As with anything new, there are probably many questions that you have. We want to help make sure that you’re comfortable in any decision you make with us. To d o that we want to give you some of our IV therapy Dos and Don’ts! 

IV Therapy Dos and Don’ts

IV therapy can be beneficial to so many people. With its high range of vitamins and minerals, you are able to absorb 100% of it all intravenously. To make sure your experience is the best it can be, our dos and don’ts may help answer any questions you may have.


Choose The Right Facility

Choosing the right facility brings you one step closer to making sure you are going to have a great experience. Researching some of the facilities around your area is a great way to start. For example if you live in Orlando, FL the IV Lounge is a great choice. Make sure that the IV Lounge that you choose has medical experts that are trained in the IV administration. This can range from a nurse all the way to a physician assistant.

Change Injection Sites

What you have to keep in mind is that when you’re getting Iv therapy you are puncturing your skin. Like any puncture to the skin, it should heal fully. This is why we recommend that you change the sites of your injection so that you can give time for it all to heal.

Get a Consultation

It’s important to get a consultation before you decide on any treatment. It’s a great way to make sure the provider has all your vitals and completely understand what you are feeling. This way they’ll be able to make sure you get the right nutrients that your body needs. Everybody’s body is different so getting a medical professionals opinion is important before choosing what bag you want.

Dress Comfortable!

There’s no need to dress fancy for your appointment. You’re going to be sitting down for most of the times so wear something that you can relax in. If you know you’re someone that gets cold easily you’re able to bring a blanket to keep yourself warm.

Bring Distractions

Because you’re going to be sitting for a period of time and won’t be able to do much, its recommended to bring some things to keep you busy while you’re getting your IV. Whether this is a book you want to read or even just some earphones to listen to music, we want you to be satisfied1 Some patients even decide to get wok done while getting an IV.


Use IV therapy For Certain Conditions

This is why it’s important for you to have a consultation before you decide to get Iv therapy. Your healthcare provider may help you understand if you have any allergy to the nutrients and other ingredients that’s used in the bags.

Assume It’s Bad For You

Even I it looks scary; IV therapy is a safe way to get nutrients that your body is missing. Just because you see a lot of it in hospitals, it doesn’t mean that it’s bad for you. It’s quite the opposite. It’s going to be a great addition to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Use As The Only Fix

Iv therapy is going to work better when you are already taking care f your body. It’s not a cure for anything and it’s not going to work wonders if you don’t life a good lifestyle. It’s only supposed to be used as a supplementation o what you are already doing.

Be Afraid To Try!

The only way to know if this is something you like is if you try it! You may notice that you find it relaxing and extremely beneficial in the end. Not only that but the healthcare professionals are there to help you through the entire process!

IV Therapy Process

For a lot of people, what makes an experience more enjoyable knows exactly what’s going to happen. That’s why we want to help keep any surprises from happening during your visit.

The first thing that you should do is set up an appointment. At the IV Lounge you can do that by heading over to our website or just giving us a call. We’ll schedule your FREE consultation as soon as possible.

From there it’s time to go into your consultation and ask any questions that you might have! Your healthcare professional will go over your physical and recommends a couple of services. If you explain everything your feeling or what you might need help with this might help them choose the right services for you.

When it’s time for your appointment, make sure you’re prepared. Have on comfortable clothing and just get ready to relax for a couple of minutes. Your assigned nurse will have you sit down and will proceed to put the IV in your arm. Fro there all you have to do is wait.

There are some patients that say they feel better just minutes after getting an IV! That’s what makes the whole process so interesting. You’ll not only be getting 100% hydration from the fluids but you’ll also be getting a wave of vitamins, minerals, AND nutrients that you may not have even known you were missing.


If you aren’t convinced that Iv therapy is for you, keep on reading our blogs to change your mind! IV Therapy has become the next level healthcare treatment for so many people so make sure you add it to your list.

Visit our website for more information or give us a call to schedule your appointment today!


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