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IV Lounge Wellness Panel

Tests Include: Vit D total, Basic Food Allergy Panel, CBC, CMP, CRP Latex, Insulin

The IV Lounge Wellness Panel tests for complete blood cell count and complete metabolic function, ensuring that your red blood cells are healthy and working effectively. Insulin production levels are assessed to potentially identify health concerns such as hypoglycemia.

C-reactive proteins (CRP) are one of the proteins that are produced from the liver cells in response to tissue damage, infection, and inflammation. CRP testing is used to indicate infection, chronic inflammation, and sometimes as a risk predictor for cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and teeth. It also helps keep your muscles, nerves, and immune system working optimally. IV Lounge food allergy test measures your immune response to common foods which may cause allergic reactions. Surely, running the IV Lounge Wellness Panel will aid in your journey becoming the most optimal version of yourself.

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Price $545

We've partnered with one of the top labs in the country.

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A premier, CAP certified, independent laboratory established specifically to ensure excellent patient & client care; offering a complete compendium of clinical laboratory testing capabilities, including Microbiology, PCR Molecular Biology & Surgical Pathology.

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