Getting tested for STDs is a basic part of taking care of your health. Most people with STDs don’t have any symptoms so testing is the only way to know for sure if you are safe or not.


There are different kinds of tests depending on which STD you and your healthcare provider are testing for and you may get your test results right away. In many clinics, you can get results from an HIV test in about 20 minutes, but some STD tests take a few days or weeks. 


Over the years, there has always been a fear around contracting an STD. However, if your STD test turns out positive, there’s no need to freak out. They are now very common. 


And a fact is that most people get an STD at least once in their lives. Just remember, it’s important to tell anyone you’ve had sex with about your STD status and it’s equally important for them to get tested. 

So if you are in Orlando and need to do an STD test here are a few centers to consider.

The IV Lounge

The IV Lounge, one of the wellness centers within Orlando, offers not only a feel-good after-effect for its clients but also caters to their holistic well-being. The staff present creates an environment that grants the patients access to an array of information while getting the best care.


You will not just get an STD test, there are several services offered by the IV Lounge which will positively impact your overall well-being. Famed for its IV Therapy that comes with a plethora of benefits that include weight loss, metabolism boost, and rejuvenation, IV Lounge also does blood testing, STI treatment, and fitness recommendation. 


As part of the sexual wellness, IV Lounge has championed the need for most of their sexually active clientele to go through in-depth STD testing, treatment, and prevention. 

Planned Parenthood

Regardless of the kind of sex you are having, talking to a doctor or nurse about getting tested for STDs at Planned Parenthood is a way to safeguard your health. Testing is usually quick and painless. It can be as easy as peeing in a cup or rubbing your cheek with a swab. 


If you have an STD, it’s better to find out early because you could spread the infection to your partner or whoever you are sexually active with. An STD can cause serious damage over time, but most STDs are easily cured with medicine and there are lots of treatments. At Planned Parenthood, what they offer is not a magic potion. It’s quality healthcare for women, men, and young people. 


Apart from STI testing and treatment, there is a wide range of other services including wellness exams, birth control, sexual assault consultations, and safe legal abortion. From clinicians to physicians, and medical assistants to front office specialists, the main agenda is to serve the people.

Miracle of  Love

As part of its mission, Miracle of Love brings the idea of helping the community to life. By visiting the center you are taking a step into improving your sexual wellbeing. 


In addition to helping the community understand their sexual health, Miracle of Love tasks itself to reach out to the masses and educate them. 


The facility properly understands that financial constraints can affect how people get medical services, so all the services are offered freely, that includes testing for STDs and HIV. At Miracle of Love, the objective is to curb the spread of HIV and bring an end to the AIDS pandemic. 

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom is centrally located near downtown Orlando and provides several services that cater to both the young and the old. The front desk care team members are always happy to greet you and deliver exceptional customer service to you and your family.


The testing and medical staff at Orange Blossom adhere to the highest quality standards for Sexual Health care. The facility provides the care that you need and the peace of mind you love. 


At Orange Blossom the services offered are affordable and they accept Medicaid. In addition to that both private and uninsured patients get to enjoy the services.

CVS MinuteClinic

 The CVS MinuteClinic is a great retail health location for patients. You can walk into the facility and schedule your appointment. 


Here, several services are offered from treating minor illnesses and injuries to dealing with STDs. It’s a broad spectrum of services and treatments. 


The staff at the CVS clinic are without a doubt dedicated to helping their patients in any ways possible, from doing their annual shots to helping them diagnose serious issues they are unaware of.

The whole team works as a unit making it smooth and convenient for all. The timely service provision helps maintain a high level of satisfaction for the clients.

Health Testing Center

Health Testing Centre offers convenient, fast, and affordable testing for sexually transmitted diseases in Orlando. At the center, all the employees understand that maintaining your sexual health can be stressful. Conversations can be difficult with your partner, not to mention your doctor. 


The goal is to make STD testing in Orlando as simple, affordable, and as private as possible. Comprehensive packages make testing options easy to understand. You will also find sample STD testing results that clearly show what your results will look like and how they are interpreted. The doctors authorize the testing, saving you an office visit. 


At the Health Testing Center, you are provided with physician consultation and treatment when there is a positive result. In Orlando, there are numerous convenient locations where you can get Health Testing Centres. The aim is to help with a better STD testing experience within the city.

Bliss Health

Bliss Health prides itself on being a facility in Orlando that caters to the youths. While 25-year-olds in the US make up 25% of the population that is sexually active, they cause over 50% of any infections relating to STDs. The good news is that all these infections can be prevented and treated. 


At Bliss Health, the main aim is to educate everyone as to how to achieve sexual health, whether you’re being sexually active or intend to be. The first step for anyone to get tested and treated is to schedule an appointment, and this can be done online.


The services provided here are in-person or telemedicine visits, HIV testing, treatment, and prevention, as well as STD testing, treatment, and prevention. 


STD infections are known to come with a stigma, so Bliss has gone a step forward in providing mental health treatment and checks. 

In addition, lab work, in-house pharmacy, and clinical studies related to HIV and STD treatment are also part of the service chain. Bliss Health has the tools to help prevent and treat any more new infections while educating everyone who is sexually active.

26 Health

The 26 Health Centre, is one of Florida’s LGBTQ health centers that strives to create an integrated, multidisciplinary health center that serves all of our community through primary medical care, behavioral health services, adoption services, and patient care services. In our medicine. 

Furthermore, the facility offers a comprehensive medical program that caters exclusively to HIV, STI, hepatitis screening, testing, and treatment services. All of the services that are provided are designed with the LGBTQ community in mind. 


The medical staff coordinates all of your routine medical care including exams, medical labs, and referrals to specialty medical services when needed. There is also an onsite lab and pharmacy to help reduce your time getting the care you need. 

Counseling and psychiatric services are also present at the 26 Health Center, with their approach seeking to empower patients to learn skills to better navigate their lives, no matter what they might be struggling with. The next step on your journey to emotional well-being begins here. They care for every letter, so no matter how you identify, your letter matters to them.


Crossroads Clinic

Crossroads Clinic’s services consist of anything linked to primary care, meaning management of common conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol as well as STD testing. Treatment can range from world issues to urgent care procedures. 


When it comes to STDs the facility treats such cases with utmost care to ensure the patient’s privacy is respected and upheld. Things like lab testing and blood work are all included in most of the diagnosis process. 


They collect lab tests within the facility and provide preventive care for anybody who requires it. In addition to that Crossroads Clinic is very accommodating as it is a go-to facility for children, teenagers, middle-aged adults, and the elderly.

Harmony Healthcare

As the name suggests, Harmony Healthcare tries to help patients who are getting to know their sexual status harmoniously. Harmony Healthcare is a haven for anyone who needs to get tested in Orlando. 

The facility offers a safe space for its patients and provides the service with a holistic approach. Beyond doing the test, Harmony Healthcare has created a reliable programme for its patients to get educated on matters of sexual health while giving them freebies like condoms and HIV medical care. And even if you don’t want to physically go to the facility, you can utilize Harmony’s  online telemedical appointment service. 

In addition to that, you don’t have to worry about language barriers while interacting with professionals on the platform. The facility has several translators both online and onsite to help with providing their services.

In conclusion…

Anyone who is sexually active should strive to get tested for STDs at least once a year, even with zero symptoms. And if you have symptoms, make sure to get tested as soon as possible. Don’t wait for your annual checkup to get tested to avoid your situation from getting from bad to worse. 


You may need to ask a healthcare provider to test you for STDs. It is a quick and easy process and it usually doesn’t hurt. Most are easily cured with medicine and for those STDs that can’t be cured, your healthcare provider will offer treatment to control the symptoms. 


So having an STD is nothing to feel ashamed of, go to the nearest Orlando STD testing center today. You will learn the best treatment for you or how to better avoid getting an STD if you are not infected.


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