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Cold VS Hot Showers

Cold vs hot showers

Cold VS Hot Showers

The debate between cold vs hot showers has been going on for some time now. A lot of people think that warm showers are better. What they may not know is that cold showers also provide a plethora of benefits for the human body. We’ll be looking at both to see which one you think outweighs the other in the end.

First let’s take a look at how cold showers can help you:

  • After a workout instead of going for a warm shower, you may want to change your mind. A cold shower will help your muscles relax. It will prevent soreness and circulation in the body parts that you worked on.
  • In the morning, we know that the last thing that you want to do is get in a cold shower. When you take a cold shower your body wakes up, making you more alert and energetic. This can help you feel better about your day.
  • For those of you that take your hair and skin healthy very seriously then you will want to keep reading. Cold showers will tighten and constrict blood flow. This can help give your skin a healthy glow. It also will help your hair grow stronger and healthier over time.
  • Cold showers can aid weight loss. There are some specific fat cells in the body that generate heat by burning fat. This can be done when your cells are exposed to cold stimuli.

Now that we took a look at cold showers, it’s only fair to give hot showers a chance. Healthline gave us a hand with some good fun facts:

  • Our skin is very important when it comes to our confidence. A good thing about hot showers is that it can reduce blemishes. The steam from the hot showers will open up your pores. This will make it easier to be able to clean your face properly.
  • While cold showers will help us not be sore, hot showers will relax our muscles. This can give us a better night’s
  • When you take a hot shower, your heart will thank you! It has been shown that hot water helps improve blood flow in people with chronic heart failure.

Either type of shower will give you benefits. There are different uses for both of them so there really isn’t a better one. One of the main points of a shower is to detox from the day. We sometimes look for it as a de-stressor so it’s important that we understand all the great benefits. Here at the IV lounge, we offer a great way to do just that. We offer detox shots that will make you feel like a completely new person no matter what shower you take.

If you’re trying to solve the cold vs hot showers debate that’s no problem! Our Relax Shot is a great way to unwind and promote better sleep. There is a combination of amino acids and even magnesium to make sure that what temperature shower you need to take will be the only worry of your day.

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