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Do Sweatbands Really Work?


Do Sweatbands Really Work?

You’ve probably noticed that many celebrities seem to be joining in the sweatbands trend. It just seems like it’s the perfect accessory. It can even make you think that you’re working harder.  This may have you thinking that you’re benefiting from it. A lot of people think that it’s the cure to their weight loss problems. But that might not be the case.

There have been a lot of questions about whether they really provide any benefits for your body. The bands are made from a Neoprene material that is said to make your midsection sweat more. Because of this, some people say it will help you lose inches off your waist. Live Healthy compares it to a “mini sauna”. The sweatband keeps you from drying off and cooling down. This will result in you sweating even more.

Many trainers say that weight loss isn’t always about sweating. It’s said to work temporarily but won’t provide any long-term changes. A sweatband will help you get rid of some water weight. When you eventually rehydrate, it will all come back. It’s important to keep in mind that sweating more does not mean you’re losing weight. It will just be water loss.  This, in turn, will make you more dehydrated.

As a result of being dehydrated, you will probably drink more water. After drinking that water, whatever weight you lost will return.  Some people say that it can be useful if you want to fit into something for an event later in the day. After that, your body composition won’t be changed. According to USA Today, they are more of a temporary alternative.

Another downside to sweatbands is that they can prevent your core from engaging. This is false hope.  Not only are you not getting what were promised, but you’re also missing the true benefits of your workouts. This can be a huge stop sign in your fitness journey. It has been said that these sweatbands could make it harder to lose the weight. As the sweatband compresses your stomach it may cause more serious problems like hypertension and stroke. Fats shouldn’t simply be compressed, they should be eliminated.

There really isn’t much good news when it comes to sweatbands. There are many outrageous claims that using a sweatband “the right way” will give you the body of your dreams. The right way to lose the fat is to take the right steps. Focus on consuming a nutrient rich diet and increase your exercise time. Once you reach a healthy balance with both diet and exercise, you’ll start to notice the weight coming off.

One of the healthiest ways to lose weight is to adopt a calorie deficit diet combined with more exercise. This means either getting 500 fewer calories per day or taking part in longer periods of exercises. This will typically result in you losing about 1 pound a week.  A good way to help eat fewer calories is to consume more fiber and protein.

These two types of foods increase satiety that quickly helps you feel more satisfied, resulting in you eating fewer calories. You can also eat foods that have a higher water content. Try some broth-based meals or even adding more fruits and vegetables that will help fill you up.

The combination of diet and exercise has been shown to work for proper weight loss. Here at the IV Lounge, we offer an IV infusion specifically designed for weight loss that can change the way you feel. The Athletic Performance Cocktail is a specialized blend of amino acids and vitamins. Together, they can aid in exercise performance. The vitamins in the B family will promote energy and even decrease sugar cravings. In turn it may help you speed up your weight loss journey.

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