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What Happens When We Sleep?

What Happens When We Sleep? The IV Lounge

What Happens When We Sleep? 

You’d think that sleeping would be a pretty easy concept right? A lot of us don’t really think about what happens when we sleep.Well it turns out that it’s more difficult than we thought. When you go to sleep, your body goes through a series of changes that are vital to the health of your body. It will allow your brain and body to slow down after being at high energy all day. This will promote recovery and better mental performance when you’re awake.

Did you know that when you sleep your body actually goes through about four to five cycles every night? According to the Sleep Foundation those are then broken down into about four individual sleep stages. Sounds difficult right? While some may say yes, if you know enough about these cycles then maybe you can even tell what cycle you’re on at a specific point in the night!

In stage one this is usually when you begin to doze off and transition into sleep. Later that makes its way into stage two. The body and mind will slow down and make it easier for you to sleep. You’ll notice it’s easier to be woken up in these two stages. Stage three is where you experience deep sleep. That is when our body is in recovery mode.

Our brain activity will slow down and will show pulses of activity. This will help prevent any awakenings. After that comes stage four, which is REM sleep. During this period of time,  your brain will shoot back up to levels that are similar to when you’re awake. At this point you will start to experience most of your dreams.

This all sounds so crazy right? Believe it or not, each sleep cycle takes between 70-120 minutes. That is why it’s so important for you to go through all cycles because if you don’t end up doing that, you are missing out on an important process of your recovery. This is when the topic of any sleep disorders comes into play. A lot of people experience things like Insomnia or even Hypersomnia. Both can have negative effects on the body in the long run so it’s important to check in with your doctor and see what the best way to go about that can be.

We offer a Relax Shot that can give you some of that energy you are missing. It is used on so many people to help them get the sleep that they have been wanting. With a combination of amino acids and magnesium that is put together and given intravenously, it is known to help you sleep better, relieve anxiety, and even any migraines you may be experiencing.

To hear more about this, call us at the IV Lounge today. Our registered nurses and physicians will be able to get you started on a plan that works best for you.



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