As a widely-used drug for type 2 diabetes patients, Metformin has its fair share of benefits and disadvantages. And apart from type 2 diabetes, Metformin is also prescribed for other health issues such as weight loss and PCOS management, etc. However, due to how an individual would respond to Metformin and the fact that it might not be available for some people due to its drug class, there are other options to choose from. 


If you cannot use Metformin for whatever reason, what other alternatives are out there for you? Should you expect any side effects? Do they work any differently from Metformin? Which one would be the best for you from the available alternatives? This article will answer these questions and more for you!

Do Natural Sugar Control Supplements Work?

There is insufficient evidence of the optimal effectiveness of natural supplements for blood sugar level control. Some of the common ingredients in these supplements include cinnamon, berberine, bitter melon, alpha-lipoic acid, chromium, resveratrol, and green tea. 

While these are considered natural sugar control supplements, you shouldn’t entirely substitute them for your medication or healthy lifestyle. 


This is because the supplements are meant to work together with your current diabetes type 2 treatment but not replacing it. They help to regulated blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity its production, or both.

However, you should first seek advice from a health professional before taking any supplement.

This means that any approach should be critical given the different factors including the inconclusiveness of the research, potential risks, responsiveness, lifestyle, et al.

Best Metformin Alternatives Over the Counter

Individuals who are unable to use Metformin because of either its side effects or medical conditions have plenty of other over-the-counter options they can use as alternatives to Metformin.


Let’s look at a few examples!

  1. IV Lounge Glucose+

This is arguably an amazing alternative for Metformin over the counter. With ingredients that include Vitamin B6, Chromium, Glucevia, R-alpha lipoic acid, GlucoDox, BenfoPure, Microcrystalline cellulose, Vegetarian leucine, and Hypromellose, Glucose+ contains a plethora of benefits.


This Glucose supplement from the IV Lounge is not just like the other energy boosters you find in the market. It is meant to boost metabolism, increase insulin sensitivity, and boost your neurological functions. All this while balancing your energy levels and entirely suiting your needs.


This three-pronged approach makes Glucose+ a top pick for most diabetes patients. 


It is affordable and also gluten free, soy free, and vegetarian friendly. The recommended dosage is 3 capsules or as prescribed by a health expert.

  1. GlucoRedi

This supplement contains powerful ingredients such as Gymnema Sylvestre, liquorice, Bitter gourd, berberis, Cumini Syzygium, Racemosus asparagus, and Marsupium Pterocarpus which are all notorious for lowering blood sugar levels.


Among the other benefits of this supplement are reducing sugar cravings, lowering sugar absorption in the intestines, and boosting antioxidants. 


GlucoRedi’s formulation is made to reduce the insulin resistance in the body.

  1. PhenQ

While Metformin is widely used for regulating blood sugar levels, it also helps with weight loss. And if you need a Metformin alternative for weight loss, then you could consider PhenQ.


The supplement reduces your appetite and inhibits the production of fat cells. Additionally, PhenQ will boost your energy levels and increase your focus.


PhenQ has a clinical research backing, with it’s main ingredients including Nopal, a-Lacys Reset, and Capsimax Powder.

  1. Berbamax

This is yet another well-known Metformin alternative which is not only known for diabetes but also obesity and inflammation. Berbamax’s main ingredient is berberibe HCL, an active berberine form known for increasing insulin sensitivity as well as hindering high glucose production  in the liver.


However, with this supplement, just like Metformin, expect negative gastrointestinal effects. Side effects such as diarrhea, constipation, and pain in the digestive system are common.

  1. Amiclear

Amiclear’s approach towards lowering glucose production follows a natural tackle. It significantly helps to regulated the glucose levels in the blood.


It increases insulin production by breaking down carbs and fat. It has also been proven to aid with weight loss thanks to its nutrients which help with metabolism. 


Amiclear is very common among people above 29years of age.

  1. GlucoBerry

GlucoBerry contains powerful ingredients that help boost the pancreatic function. This promotes insulin production and in turn lowering the high glucose levels in the blood. 


By regulating the blood sugar levels in the body, GlucoBerry boosts the energy levels. Stable blood sugar levels also translate to eating without worrying about triggering a spike in glucose levels.


Before purchasing the supplement always ensure that you are not allergic to any of its ingredients.

  1. GlucoTrust

GlucoTrust is made of natural ingredients that work to promote the body’s metabolism. It has proven to control blood sugar levels which explains its popularity. The supplement also has a positive impact on the immune system, reducing future health risks.


GlucoTrust can be used by anybody and boasts additional benefits such as boosting the body’s cleaning process, curbing sugar cravings, and helping with the management of health issues linked to diabetes. 

  1. GlucoFort

GlucoFort is used for both blood sugar level control and weight loss. It’s minerals, herbal extracts, and vitamins work together to balance the blood glucose levels. 


They further reduce the risks associated with type 2 diabetes, increase metabolism, and promote better circulation. GlucoFort, paired with proper hydration, and physical activity has been proven to reduce insulin resistance. 

It also boosts the immune system, increases energy levels, and suppresses the appetite resulting in weight loss.


Note: After you have made a decision on the best alternative for you, coupling that with a healthy lifestyle will go a long way to helping you manage your symptoms better.

How They Work

Metformin has countless alternatives that work in different ways. Usually, there are two main ways in which they work to lower your blood sugar levels.

  • Increase insulin sensitivity: One of the reasons why your blood glucose levels are high is because your body is producing insulin but your blood cells are unable to use it to break down the glucose in your blood. As such some of these supplements contain a list of ingredients which help to increase the insulin sensitivity while boosting blood glucose metabolism. 
  • Promote insulin production: On the other hand, your body might be struggling with insulin  production. These ingredients will work to boost its production once ingested in the body.

Who They Are For

Why would you need any of the above Metformin alternatives? There are many reasons why you could need them as explained below.

Metformin Side Effects

A lot of people experience different Metformin side effects which make it difficult to keep taking. Some of the most common side effects include diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. 


While these are well-tolerated by most people, reducing the Metformin dosage and gradually increasing it or taking it with food dwindles them. But on the other hand, some people prefer to avoid using it completely and instead use an alternative.

Metformin’s Contraindications for Some People

Some other people cannot take metformin because of its restrictions. For instance, people with a previous record of lactic acidosis, or those who suffer from liver or kidney diseases then you would need to explore the above alternatives. 

Individuals Looking For a Better Choice

Perhaps you don’t think Metformin is the best choice for you, or your doctor prescribed a different option for you. Patients with heart diseases could be advised to take medicine that’s safe for their condition.

Metformin’s Availability 

If Metformin is unavailable in your country, then one of its alternatives might be prescribed to you. Additionally, while it might be available for you, it could be expensive hence easier to get another option.

Metformin’s Efficacy

Not all type 2 diabetes patients benefit from Metformin. For some, the medication does not effectively work to control the blood sugar levels causing the need for a different kind of choice.


Some of the factors that influence the efficacy of Metformin include age, genetics, weight, medications you might be taking, and your medical conditions.

Personal Preference 

If you prefer an alternative option for Metformin, then compare the above options to make a decision.

When to Consider Getting Medicine

If Controlling Your Sugar Levels is Getting More Difficult

If with time your blood sugar levels are getting more difficult to control, then you need to consider getting medicine. 

Health Conditions

With some health conditions such as kidney disease, your doctor might tailor a suitable medication prescription for you.

Metformin Side Effects

You might find some of the side effects bothersome. These might include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, and sometimes they might not subside. This is a good reason to get medication. 

Incase of Pregnancy

Whether you are pregnant or you are planning to conceive soon and you have type 2 diabetes, then medicine is the best option. It’s safe as opposed to other alternatives with limited research and potential dire risks.


Regardless of the reason why you are getting medicine for your blood sugar level control, ensure to…

Always Consult a Professional

If you are looking into getting a metformin alternative over the counter, then it’s important to consult a professional. While there are different potential side effects, consulting a medical specialist will help you uncover ways to combat them or entirely avoid them. Your response to metformin or its alternative will vary from that of other users, but an expert will be able to make a well-informed decision for you based on different factors linked to your health.

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