Individuals with high blood sugar levels face different health risks, even when on medication. This is why they are highly encouraged to have a healthy diet and lifestyle as these two significantly impact their well-being. 


Exercising and supplementing your diet goes a long way since there are a lot of restrictions to what you eat to avoid triggering high sugar levels. However, the kind of supplements you take don’t equal safe or efficient. You are probably bombarded with plenty of supplements but don’t know which one would be the best. 


You want to choose a supplement that will naturally lower your blood sugar levels while providing you with the essential nutrients and minerals your body requires. And each natural supplement works in its own unique way to control your blood sugar levels. 


Let’s look at some of these natural supplements and how they work.

Best Natural Supplements to Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Given the countless number of natural supplements made to manage diabetes, you’d be spoiled for choice. However, here’s our top 10 picks for the best natural supplements for lowering your blood sugar levels.

Glucose+ by The IV Lounge

Glucose+ is an excellent supplement for lowering blood sugar levels thanks to its unique three-pronged approach to metabolic support. These include promoting body metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and neurological functions. It’s ingredients such as the B vitamins and patented herbal extracts play a significant role in promoting healthy blood sugar levels.


Glucose+ ingredients include Vitamin B6, Chromium, Glucevia, R-alpha lipoic acid, GlucoDox, BenfoPure, Microcrystalline cellulose, Vegetarian leucine, and Hypromellose.


Additional benefits of the Glucose+ supplement include ensuring a healthy liver and while it works to boost the body metabolism this in turn boosts the energy levels. 


It’s uniquely formulated as it is gluten free, soy free, and vegetarian. The recommended daily dosage for Glucose+ is three capsules unless prescribed differently by your health professional. 


GlucoNite is yet another ideal supplement option to help you natural control your blood sugar levels. It induces sleep and during that time, increases not only body metabolism but also helps to increase the insulin function. Additionally, GlucoNite has been highly commented on its ability to help with relaxation.


It’s list of ingredients include Zinc, Chromium, Typtophan, Hibiscus powder, Hops flower powder, Chamomile flower powder, White willow bark extract, Stevia, Passionflower extract, Melatonin, and Gamma-aminobutyric acid. 


For optimal results, it is recommended to use one scoop of GlucoNite mixed with water and taken just before going to bed each day. While there are no highlighted side effects for the supplement by previous customers, you should avoid taking more than the recommended amount for your own safety. However, it’s only distributed through the official website. 

Blood Sugar Blaster

One of the reasons why Blood Sugar Blaster makes it to our list is because it’s produced by a facility regulated by the FDA. This is a huge perk especially when it comes to the safety of its users since the market is saturated with a lot of unregulated products.


It’s formulation is impeccable, comprising of barn extracts, minerals, vitamins, 20 vital bio-available fruit, and flower. The supplement works by increasing the insulin efficiency owing to its alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, and bitter melon benefits, and more! 


Blood Sugar Blaster ingredients are Biotin, Cinnamon, ALA, Bitter Melon, Zinc, Yarrow, Mulberry Extract, Magnesium, guggul, Licorice, Cayenne, Vanadium, and L-taurine.


The recommended daily dosage of Blood Sugar Blaster is one capsule twice with a glass of water after 20-30 minutes after your meals. The supplement will not only help to maintain your blood sugar levels but will also increase your energy. However, ensure to first consult a health professional before you consider it.

Altai Balance

Altai Balance is a popular diabetes supplement owing to its ability to promote healthy cholesterol hence lowering the blood sugar levels. It is also purpoted to promote the immune system as well as getting rid of dangerous particulate matter in the body.


Another one of its listed benefits is its ability to decline the insulin resistance in the body and in turn boosting better management of free radical damage. To top it, taking the supplement will also improve your focus.


Altai Balance ingredients consist of Juniper Berries, White Mulberry, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Banana Leaves, Licorice Root, Gymnema Sylvestre, Bitter Melon, and Taurine.


Generally, the supplements efficacy is based on the verdict that high blood sugar levels are caused by air-borne toxins. As such, it is formulated with a blend of 19 potent ingredients to curb this while triggering insulin production in the body. The daily dosage of Altai Balance recommended is one capsule taken with a glass of water.


GlucoTrust is formulated to naturally lower your blood sugar levels, with a list of ingredients consisting of Juniper Berries, Licorice, Gymnema Sylvestre, Zinc, Biotin, and Manganese. One of the reasons it is a superb supplement for lowering blood sugar levels is because of its main ingredient, Gymnema. This is also referred to as the sugar destroyer.


GlucoTrust boasts impressive benefits like improving the quality of your sleep and promoting deep sleep, increasing blood circulation, and cutting down unnecessary sugar cravings.


The recommended dosage for GlucoTrust is one capsule before bedtime. In addition, you are advised to eat less calories for it to work efficiently. 


GlucoFlush is a popular supplement that works to promote a healthy pancreas. It is meant to rid the negative effects that stem from harmful microorganisms which are often notorious for sugar cravings. It is not only produced with zero artificial ingredients but also owned by a GMP-certified company.


If you choose GlucoFlush as your choice of supplement, you can expect improved insulin production which translates to lowered insulin resistance. Additionally, the supplement promotes healthy blood pressure levels and also contains antioxidant benefits which play a major role in promoting your immune system.


The listed ingredients of GlucoFlush are Papaya Seed Extracts, Fennel Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Garlic Bulb, Black Wallnut Hull, Oregano Leaf Oil, Elm Bark, Marshmallow Roots, Wormwood Extract, Pumpkin Seeds, and Clove Bud. 

It’s recommended dosage is one dropper with a beverage of your choice every day.


Owned by a GMP-certified facility, Amiclear is an excellent blood sugar supplement made of an advanced formular that makes the product unique. 


Benefits of using Amiclear include an increase of energy levels, a boost in glucose metabolism, protection against cardiovascular disease, and managing both blood sugar levels as well as those triggered by meals. A major advantage that sets Amiclear apart from other supplements is that it has been passed through multiple clinical trials and tests before approval.


It’s ingredients include Guarana, Grape Seed Extract, Coleus, Maca Root, Gymnema Sylvestre, African Mango, and Astragalus.


Amiclear’s recommended daily dosage is two droppers to be taken either by placing under the tongue or mixing with a beverage of your choice.


One of the perks that make GlucoFort a top supplement for lowering blood sugar is its abundance in natural antioxidants. This was, it’s meant to promote healthy blood glucose levels and what’s more, it’s a clinically approved product.


It is produced with no artificial preservatives and it’s packed with benefits such as improvement of energy levels, detoxification, promoting insulin sensitivity, and naturally balancing the blood sugar levels.


It’s span of ingredients include Chromium and Biotin, Gymnema Sylvestre, Cayenne Pepper, Bitter Melon, ALA, Guggul, Rice Root, and Banaba Root.


The recommended dosage of GlucoFort is one capsule every evening preferably together with your meal.


GlucoBerry works uniquely by flashing out the excessive glucose levels. It’s formulation is made to target the drainage system in a bid to manage your blood glucose levels. 


GlucoBerry not only works to improve the insulin sensitivity in your body but also helps to keep your kidney healthy since it efficiently gets rid of any addition blood glucose. It is also packed with great nutritional benefits with not artificial additives and even better, produced by an FDA-registered facility.


It’s ingredients include Gymnema leaf powder, Maqui berry extract, Biotin, and Chromium. The recommended dosage of GlucoBerry is one capsule each day with your meal.

Sugar Balance

Our final pick is Sugar Balance which boasts of a non-GMO formulation. The supplement helps to improve the insulin levels in the body for better blood sugar metabolism. 


Additional benefits of Sugar Balance are curbing your sugar cravings, aiding weight loss, improving your pancreatic cells health, and ensuring very little risk of diabetes complications. 


It’s list of ingredients include Solomon’s Seal Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Balloon Flower Extract, Schizandra Chinese Fruit, Astragalus Root Extract, Lycium Chinese Fruit Extract, and Wild Yam Root Extract.


The recommended daily dosage is two capsules.

How Do They Work?

When the glucose level in your blood is high, this causes a high blood sugar which is also called hyperglycemia. The increased glucose levels are often as a result of either reduced insulin production or the cell’s failure to respond to insulin already produced.


Supplementing ones diet is one of the many ways of controlling your blood sugar levels. Some of these supplements work by increasing insulin’s sensitivity or by inhibiting sugar absorption in the gut. On the other hand, other supplements like Chromium improves the body’s ability to utilize insulin.


However, if you are already on a medical treatment, don’t substitute it for your supplements. Do your research before considering any supplement and talk to your doctor as well for advice and/or prescription.


Each supplement contains a unique list of ingredients which work in different ways to lower your blood sugar levels among other benefits. They all work through different mechanisms with one main goal, but you get to choose what works best for you depending on factors such as your age, personal preferences, affordable, and accessibility to you.

Are They For You?

You’re probably considering one of the above natural blood sugar lowering supplements, but are they really for you? While it’s always important to do a medical consultation beforehand, below are a few factors to help you determine what choice is best for you.


Safety should be the first measure to consider when choosing a supplement to help manage your blood sugar levels. You already have a life-threatening condition, so you should make sure that your supplement of choice will not increase the risk of any complications.

Scientific Evidence

With the influx of supplements that purport to lower blood glucose sugar levels, there should be scientific evidence to back this. So go for a supplement that clearly states this.


Don’t choose a supplement that you won’t be able to afford. If it’s price is too expensive for you, then consider a cheaper alternative that won’t have you worried about affording the next bottle.


Oftentimes, some supplements can have a negative impact on your health if they interact with other medications you might be on. So perhaps if you are on other medication or supplement proceed with caution or even better, consult with your doctor.


The dosage for your supplement shouldn’t be exaggerated, rather it should be safe and equally effective.

Always Consult a Professional

Since some of the supplements meant to lower blood glucose sugar levels come with their set of risks, it’s important to consult a professional first. They will not only give you the best advice but also recommend the best supplement and prescription for you.


Your doctor probably already has your previous medical records so they can tailor a suitable treatment for you. They also already know the different risks linked to different natural supplements. This will save you from guess work or any misleading information you might have.

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