Over the Counter Metformin Alternatives That Work

As a widely-used drug for type 2 diabetes patients, Metformin has its fair share of benefits and disadvantages. And apart from type 2 diabetes, Metformin is also prescribed for other health issues such as weight loss and PCOS management, etc. However, due to how an individual would respond to Metformin and the fact that it […]

Supplements to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Individuals with high blood sugar levels face different health risks, even when on medication. This is why they are highly encouraged to have a healthy diet and lifestyle as these two significantly impact their well-being.    Exercising and supplementing your diet goes a long way since there are a lot of restrictions to what you […]

Over the age of 40? Get your Testosterone Levels Tested Today

over the age of 40? get our testosterone levels tested today!

Over the age of 40? Get your testosterone levels tested today Introduction Are you a male above the age of 40 and notice a decline in energy or positive physical traits?  If so, it might be time to get a testosterone test and men’s hormone panel at IV Lounge. Testosterone plays an important role in […]

The 90 Day Wellness Reboot Program: Your Personalized Weight Loss Journey

The 90 Day Weight Loss Wellness Reboot Program – What you need to know! Introduction We are proud to announce our latest wellness service! The launch of the 90 day weight loss wellness reboot program means that our clients can now receive custom programming and achieve their ultimate health, physique, and lifestyle goals. We’ve teamed […]

4 Tips for Optimizing Your Health & Wellbeing in Daily Life

wellbeing, vitality, health, outdoors, sun, remote work

4 Things You Should Make a Daily Habit Introduction Maintaining health and wellbeing are often left on the back burner as life’s responsibilities consume the majority of our waking hours, but what if maintaining a healthy lifestyle could be simplified? We’ve identified a few ways to do just that. Here are 4 ways you can […]

Lifespan Vs. Healthspan: Why you should know the difference

lifespan vs healthspan

Introduction Lifespan and healthspan are two terms you may hear in reference to aging, but are they any different? The difference between them is simple: lifespan is how long you live and healthspan refers to how well you live during that period. You can have a long life (lifespan), yet still be chronically sick and […]

5 Best Simple Exercises for Women

Women exercise smiling and laughing

5 Best Simple Exercises for Women : Squat, Lunge, Plank, Pushup, Deadlift Introduction If you’re a beginner to the gym and wondering and where to start, these five workouts are excellent for women who want to strengthen their whole body with minimal equipment or space! They can be completed within the same day as a […]

How Exercise May Alleviate Anxiety

Strength Training. Workout Arms. Exercise. Solidarity.

Exercise & It’s Positive Impact on Mental Health How you can achieve elevated mental wellness through exercise For those who don’t workout, the idea of lengthy workout programs, sweating, affected time management, or exhaustion may come off as anxiety-inducing. What if your anxiety surrounding healthy activities could be mitigated by the effects of participating in […]

BCAAs and Omega-3 Make a Powerful Stack

BCAA's and Omega-3. Fitness Couple Working Out Weights and Treadmill.

New Research Examines BCAAs and Omega-3 in Combination for Athletic Performance & Recovery Most athlete’s are in a never ending endeavor of seeking new ways to enhance their performance. In the age of the booming supplement and fitness industry, it seems like there are new popular performance enhancing supplements on the market every week! Thankfully, […]

Enjoy Actively Aging


Enjoy Actively Aging Our assumptions about the elderly are generally fed by stereotypes and caricatures. These assumptions are often supported by some of the people we know in our own lives. Certainly, some people lose their ability to move well as they are aging, but that doesn’t mean that you have to. Typically, the mental […]

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